Democrats Harass Black Woman Legislator for Voting Pro-Life

Democrats Harass Black Woman Legislator for Voting Pro-Life

After debating in favor of a bill that would require ultrasounds before abortions, Democrat leaders openly harassed, threatened and belittled Democratic Rep. Daphnee Campbell.

Why is this unsurprising?

Rep. Scott Randolph a Democrat from Orlando, whose assigned seat is right next to Campbell, started tossing papers on her desk and threw her pen in the trash apparently incensed that a fellow Democrat would support the bill.

Randolph’s bio says that he’s a Southern Baptist.

When do such people stop assuming all Dems are pro choice, why not weed out all of the pro choice politicians, And all the mortal sinners. The opposing crowd have their share of them, they are far from the party of Saints!
I believe, for the most part, the sad issue is used as a political wedge.:p:eek:Peace, Carlan

Not ALL Dems are pro-abortion, but the great majority are. And it’s particularly true of Catholic Democrats. The majority are pro-abortion.

Check out the facts at Catholic

Because it’s in the Democratic party platform, which is a statement of what it means to be a Democrat.

I’ve always thought “pro-choice Democrat” is kind of a misnomer, that person really isn’t a Democrat because they no longer support what the party believes (in a way).

There is no perfect party platform, one or the other, lets not kid ourselves.
Administrations are not perfect nor are Politicians.

We find much to be desired in all politics. We pray! Peace, Carlan

That’s being overly generous to the Democrats. Being pro abortion is a litmus test for entry into the federal positions in the Demoncratic Party.

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