Democrats in California Senate advance bills that would create statewide sanctuary for people in the U.S. illegally


Democrats in California Senate advance bills that would create statewide sanctuary for people in the U.S. illegally.


:rolleyes:I thought it already was a sanctuary state for illegal aliens. Isn’t that where Hillary got all her popular votes from?


What do the people of California have against legal immigrants?


Nullification Crisis 2: This Time It’s Personal



The PRK (People’s Republic of Kalifornia) is moving closer and closer to secession. They’ve been talking internally about it; now this action (if passed and signed) will move most of the other 49 closer to saying, “Buh-bye!”


True courage and compassion.


Maybe the entire state should just lose governmental funding.




And truly illegal.





This strikes me as a use of the concept of states’ rights, and I have always heard that is a Really Bad Thing, and a code word/“dog whistle” for racism.

So I am confused about how California justifies its stance on this :confused:


The same way they justify most of the other double standards they hold so near and dear to their hears; blatant hypocrisy.


Guess California can kiss goodbye to all federal funding if this passes, which will be an excellent example to other jurisdictions. About time those who encourage law breaking faced some consequences.




Maybe every state politician who votes for this, and every local mayor and city council member of a sanctuary city should be charged criminally in every crime committed by an illegal alien (in addition to their violation of immigration law)- from identity theft to homicide. Politicians are making themselves accessories/co-conspirators in those violations via aiding and abetting as well as harboring.

There would be no controversy over immigration today if we had actually simply enforced our laws for the last four decades. Both parties have been active in undermining them for different reasons.


What about the people who are trying to immigrate legally. Why should those who immigrate illegally get priority over those who try to follow the law?

This is not courage and compassion for those who have to wait years for a shot to immigrate legally. Do you consider them suckers?


I really hate the way people frame undocumented migrants. Its not like they’re simply cutting lines most of the time because they feel entitled - many of them are doing this literally to stay alive. Migrating this way is supremely dangerous and risky, people don’t choose to do this because they don’t want to wait.

Then, once people are here, they build families and communities. To enforce the laws would tear families apart, and condemn many deportees to death.

Yes, the laws serve a purpose - but sometimes blind enforcement can create grave harms.


I’m actually a bit torn on this issue. I think we need a solution that allows people who can contribute to society and support themselves to come here, but that doesn’t reward breaking the law. The law is already basically treated like a joke. People shouldn’t be left to die, but the point of immigration isn’t to let everyone just flood in. We need to seriously reform and streamline the process, and get rid of some of the idiotic quotas we have.


These bills will serve no purpose. They are another example of symbolism over substance. The state of California could choose to aid immigration officials in any way, but they cannot be hampered by this bill, nor can individually elected local officials be held to a bill prohibiting them from cooperating with immigration officials. It is as empty as President Trump’s threat to take over law-enforcement in Chicago. Jurisdiction matters.


As do hasty bills, like this, or sweeping mandates, like the one that started this whole mess. There is wisdom in cautious and deliberate action. The President is doing nothing to unify America and everything he can do divide it. Throw in the mix this sort of action and all we have is increased polarization.

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