Democrats, party of infanticide?

Does one not think the Democratic party is not the party of infanticide?

Totally unacceptable.

If the kid survives abortion or some other situation arises, he has been given birth, why not let him live??

There may not be much of a difference between a late-term fetus and a born infant, it may be perception but I think a lot more people would tend to see infanticide as barbaric, outrageous and of course, unacceptable.


I don’t think it, I know it. They’ve been getting more and more radical on the abortion issue for decades, infanticide was only a matter of time.

Most of us do. Most democrats do. Most democrats genuinely believe that this isn’t what their party stands for. Unfortunately for them, their party has been radicalizing and becoming more and more Godless with each passing year.


This reminds me of the Roman Empire where a father was presented with his newborn child. If he accepted it then the child was taken into the family, if not it was left out in the elements to die from exposure or the animals.

The Romans were later impressed by the Christians who took in the rejected children, even those who were malformed.

Looks like we’ve come full circle…


Here we go


Since there’s now this thread can we stop bringing up abortion in every thread?


It was astonishing and scary to me that the audience was actually cheering for infanticide. Buttigieg defending it and the audience cheering him on.


We could, but . . .


If people are now cheering infanticide maybe it needs to be brought up more often. It seems that even if the talk were of terminating 6 month old infants people would still be cheering. At what age would the cheering stop?


Dude if I made a thread about how great spaghetti is, abortion would make it’s way in there at some point.


I don’t doubt it at all. And if infanticide is the next big plank in the Democratic Party platform it will need to be brought up again and again.


That’s fine. But can we not do it when discussing my mom’s carbonara?


It’s a deal. But does she share the recipe?


:neutral_face: Nope. My lips are sealed.

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Infanticide is really the bottom of the barrel in politics, it shows a real untrustworthy nature in any thing. An absolute disgrace but we are suppose to support this? How heartless! Are you serious!

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If anyone receives the Eucharist unworthily they will answer for Christ’s Body and Blood…

Our Lady of Guadalupe spoke on behalf of her Son due to babies being sacrificed. Thankfully, some people DID listen and learn, and still can.


About a year before my own current age maybe…

I can’t speak for everybody, but abortion (and of course the worse things that may come due to our increasingly dead consciences) has been on my mind a lot more due to the election, and the ramifications of choosing one way or the other.

I think the reason it continues to be such a big deal to so many people is because the right to life is the pinnacle or foundational right. When you kill someone you effectively deny them every other right they are entitled to. I can deny a person one right at a time, or, I can with one decision, deny them every single right they could ever be entitled to.

In the case of this thread it’s obvious why & how it relates to abortion. Other threads, of course, not so much. But it comes up a lot because it really profoundly bothers a lot of people.


There are two things that I see that happen here, and I think anyone who is not purely partisan would see the same:

  1. Abortion is brought up at times when it is not relevant to the conversation as a means to change the conversation
  2. There are those who don’t like abortion being mentioned because the support for it is an ugly truth that they would rather ignore or minimize

I’m not uncomfortable with abortion being brought up, but it’s too often brought up in the same way that people call someone Hitler on the internet; as some emotional response that seems borderline irrational. While people mentioning abortion in this manner, and in discussions only peripherally related or unrelated to the topic, does not change my personal opposition to abortion, it does diminish for me the credibility of the person speaking, makes me back away from engaging in discussions with them, and makes me plan to avoid any sort of pro-life groups that would have a significant number of people who carry on like this.


How much in cash will she take? My blood type is carbonara. Need it. WANT IT.

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