Democrats, party of infanticide?

I think that the word infanticide is important as it may help people to examine the trajectory of the abortion debate.
If, after this examination, they determine that infanticide is wrong, they may further reflect on the subject of a 40 week abortion, and then of a 39 week abortion.
They may examine the trends within the democratic party and decide to vote with their feet.
We are seeing this in the Latino community, where some members are saying that they can no longer support the democratic party due to their position on abortion.
It can take people a while to change their minds as they consider different aspects of a position.
If the word infanticide helps them to ponder the trajectory of the party on this issue, then, it may be considered to be a very important word.
The Wall Street journal discusses abortion as a key factor increasing numbers of Latinos rejecting of the democratic party in Texas:

"RIO GRANDE CITY, Texas—For decades, no Democratic presidential candidate had won Starr County with less than a 48-point margin. Local lore is that the last Republican who came close to winning a partisan race was a sheriff’s candidate gunned down in a saloon in 1907.

Yet last week, 8,224 Starr County residents voted for President Trump in a red wave that moved the South Texas county from Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s 60-point margin in 2016 to a 5-point win for Joe Biden, the largest swing to Mr. Trump of any county in the U.S. In nearby Zapata County, Mrs. Clinton won by 33 points in 2016. This year, Mr. Trump took it by 6 points.

Though Mr. Biden prevailed, the falloff of support in a historically loyal but socially conservative region signals trouble for a Democratic Party seeking to hold together a broad voter constituency. Many counties in this stretch of South Texas are more than 90% Hispanic and traditionally the state’s bluest—unlike Florida, where there are many more Republican-leaning Latinos. It is a place that Democrats counted on, and, according to residents here, didn’t understand enough to see what was coming.

Gilberto Hinojosa, chairman of the Texas Democratic Party and resident of the Rio Grande Valley, said the group was trying to figure out exactly what happened. What seems likely, he said, was that Democrats didn’t counter Republican messaging on three issues important to Latino voters: pandemic shutdowns, oil jobs and abortion."

Mind, that’s the analysis of the chairman of the Texas Democratic Party noting the significance of abortion and he will have a vested interest in future success for his party. Perhaps, our discussion of abortion and infanticide will encourage pro-life democrats to reform the party and change the platform.

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That’s so.

Inner-city turmoil will continue as long as life is seen as disposable.


I don’t think its necessary to keep asking questions.

Umm, no.

Politicians in the same party don’t agree on everything. Why would they have Whips if folks always agreed.

If women didn’t seek abortions, there wouldn’t be any. Do you see doctors or politicians running around catching women and forcing them to have abortions? Nope.

Are voters or politicians who don’t vote or run on a platform to ban adultery responsible for husbands and wives cheating on each other. Nope.

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So what percentage of dems would you say believe in “reproductive rights” aka abortion on demand?
I would think 80% or so.
At least a higher percentage of women who want abortions.

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wrong on so many levels,

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Who would get abortions if women stopped getting them?

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some women are forced into it, emotionally, physically, etc.

the woman can’t perform an abortion on herself, she relies on doctors, PPP, etc.

there is blame to go round

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For those discouraged by the election, even bad things can have good outcome. I am wondering if the next four years might bring a renewal to the abortion debate, more reasoned and less confrontational. The DNC wrote off a lot of votes with their abortion plank and gained none.

As much as I did not want Hillary Clinton to win, had they not had that planked, and not made abortion an issued, I think she would have won.

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Oh, women have been causing their own miscarriages for centuries and centuries. Same effect as abortions.

You failed to address the adultery question. Guess cause we all know the answer.

Then why would they want an abortion when they could get one for free? The whole abortion debate kind of shouldn’t exist since it would then be made obsolete.

Maybe because attempting to self inflict a miscarriage isn’t always successful. Sort of like folks who attempt suicide. Not always the most effect methods are used.

Then I don’t care about that.

Sometimes an abortion is not successful and the child lives, like Gianna Jessen.

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You think 50,000,000 woman a year worldwide would cause their own miscarriage? I don’t think so

Is adultery culturally accepted as abortion is? I don’t think so. It is frowned on and not supported as moral. At least yet

Adultery is against the law in some states:

Adultery Laws - Where Is Cheating Illegal (

When was the last time someone was prosecuted for it, and what does the SCOTUS say on the matter.

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