Democrats’ platform at convention backs abortion funds Seeks repeal of Hyde Amendment

The Democratic Party has taken the unprecedented step of including language in its platform calling for the repeal of a law that bars federal dollars from paying directly for abortions.

Known as the Hyde Amendment, the law for decades has had bipartisan support, including among those who identify as pro-choice, because it is attached for approval to annual federal spending bills. It makes exceptions in the cases of rape, incest or threat to the life of the mother.

The Democratic Party is moving further to the left. They are embracing modern feminist values. They want abortion to be readily available.

And in other news. water is wet

In order to repeal it, would a bill have to go through Congress first?

Poll after poll after poll shows strong majorities opposing taxpayer funding of abortion.

I don’t believe so. IIRC, it is a one-year clause that is inserted into a budgetary bill. The left never allowed it to become law, because they always intended to get rid of it. Even those who claimed to be pro-life on the left knew why they did it this way. They knew eventually the party would work to stop it and by not making it law, they made it easier to dismantle.

You talk about feminism like it’s a bad thing. Abortion may sometimes play into feminism, but even if it does it’s a small portion of what feminism is really about. Feminism at it’s core is to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, personal, and social rights for women. Most of feminism’s goals, even if you oppose abortion, are laudable. Unless of course you oppose equal rights for women, equal pay for women, women having the right to vote, women having equal access to education, etc…

Yet again, the Democratic Party is showing that it is incompatible with the Christian faith. Faithful Christians cannot support it nor its candidates.

Anti-abortion Democrats fire back

Democrats especially won’t like what one key demographic had to say – millennials opposed it by 71 percent to 28 percent.

How can Clinton hope to defend such an extreme position?


All 5 of them

That’s precisely why it will fail. The Hyde Amendment has to be accepted or else Democrats get nothing. Henry was very wise. He came from my district so I know. :slight_smile:

Sorry to disagree, but feminism at it’s core is paganism.

Unless you are listening to political spin, women already are equal in every category you listed in your last sentence.

Thanks for your comment.


Once again, the Dem party leadership shows it is firmly married to abortion. Abortion must be protected and promoted and favored and funded.

Satan and his demons are laughing at those who believe democrats care tor the poor when they want to kill the babies conceived by poorer women AND make them pay for it by tax payer money.

So you oppose all the other things feminism stands for?

There are some prominent anti-abortion Democrats, such as the senators listed in the article, as well as John Bel Edwards, the governor of Louisiana. Not many, but some.

There is no such thing as a pro-life Democrat. The pro-life movement died within the Democratic Party years ago.

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