Democrats Run From Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill As Election Hopes Fade

Washington, DC – With the national fortunes of Democrats fading in the November elections thanks to President Barack Obama’s poor performance and an American public opposed to the pro-abortion, government-run health care bill Congress approved, some of the 34 who voted against the measure are running from it.

The main question is… Is it too late to fix the problems.

The powers that be ignored the opinions of the majority of the American people and arrogantly did what they did. They know better than the rest of us, you know.:wink: We are having decisions made by career politicians, most of whom have never held a private sector job and if they had any moral compass at all it got lost in the fever of re-election and pandering to various groups (NOW, unions, etc.) You reap what you sow. The majority of Americans do not agree with abortion at any time for any reason. And the problems they told us they could fix are only worse since their tinkering began.

it takes some people longer than others to realize the legislation was terrible. so many are just not in tune with what is really happening.

Thanks for the update.

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