Democrats support World Health Organization and China over America

It was inevitable and quick.

Democrats and the Chinese communists, perhaps working in tandem, harshly criticized President Trump on Wednesday for his Tuesday decision to pull U.S. funding out of the incompetent and duplicitous World Health Organization. China is backing the WHO to the hilt. Of course it is, it wants a decent return on investment.

The Chinese Communist leadership in Beijing must be so pleased to have a majority of the U.S. House and over forty U.S. senators doing their bidding on Capitol Hill. This is not an isolated incident for the Democrats. You can always count on them to do all they can to damage American interests, more so if President Trump has anything to do with the question.

Unfortunately, there is truth to this, China unleashed this pandemic on the world? Who is criticized? It’s pretty clear who is being criticized. It’s absurd.

It’s not a matter of supporting China over the US. It is a matter of evidence-based science uncovering the facts. Alas both the US and China have their own political reasons for obscuring or denying the facts, which is extremely unfortunate for the advancement of useful knowledge about the coronavirus that is of real epidemiological usefulness.

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