Democrats voted down ban on corporate lobbyists donations to DNC


Democrats voted down a measure that would have reinstituted a ban on corporate lobbyists donating to the DNC. The measure was instituted by former President Barack Obama but quietly lifted by former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz ahead of Hillary Clinton’s presidential run.

After spirited debate, Democrats decided against reinstituting the ban. They feared it would limit donations from liberal activist groups at a time when the party is in the throes of a massive rebuilding projects.

Those who wanted to see the ban reinstituted argued that it was a symbolic measure to say to the nation that Democrats would not compromise their values.
If things got that heated over a resolution, the event is about to get sent into the stratosphere for the election.


O American politics. Boo democrats!:mad:


What makes anyone think that democrats are somehow more pure and innocent than republicans?


The degree many Democrats have consistently campaigned condemning nearly every Republican for being in the pocket of corporations because of donations is what is ironic about this vote.

The only one who could get a pass is Bernie Sanders, I may not agree with his policy positions - but he has been consistent over the years.




Exactly. If republicans take corporate money, they are in the pocket of their donators. If democrats do it, well, what?


Now this sounds like hypocrisy to me.


Equally bad. I’m decrying this.


Yet, the democrats are the ones who always proclaim themselves to be above the other side. Hillary Clinton was all about gay “rights” while taking $80 million from a country that will put you in jail for being gay. Both sides are all about self-preservation.


Welcome to the world of (American) politics! And a hearty welcome to Donald Trump as well, who should be a natural.



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