Demographic Winter

Demographic Winter is a short video about the looming under population disaster.

Last year the United Nations released its global population estimates, revealing an alarming population shift that will have serious worldwide consequences within the near future. The blame lies on the rapid spread of abortion, contraception and sterilization in the past century.

It is time that abortion was made illegal and that couples started having more children and renounced their love affair with contraception.

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I’m not saying that abortion or anything is good, but the world is very crowded as is. Not in terms of where people will live, but where we will grow the food for it.

I don’t buy this. Our planet is far from over crowded and we can easily feed all the people on earth. Famines are almost always caused by politics, not a lack of food.

There is never an excuse for not fulfilling God’s Commandment, “Be Fruitful, and Multiply,” no scientific, social, moral, or religious excuse.

One should only have children when they can properly take responsibility for the children. It seems that conservatives allow for the shameless notion of teens (aka CHILDREN) giving birth to children.

Children should only be allowed for married people.

Poor starving couples shouldn’t be producing 6-8 kids, when they can barely take care for just a few, if any.

Here is a good excuse not to:


a is the principle amount
e is the constant equal to about 2.7
k is the growth rate which would be compounded continually per unit of time
x is the number of time units (e.g. minutes, hours, years, etc.)

exponential cannot continue forever, even if we do colonize the solar system and other solar systems, and galaxies. I do not think humanity will accomplish those tasks in the near future.

Here’s a fun question: what would happen if the human population grew at a rate of just one percent per year for twenty thousand more years. Anyone want to plug in the numbers using the above formula?

The reason this wouldn’t happen:

dy/dx = ry(1 - y/k)

r is the rate of population growth
y is the population
k is the carrying capacity

As you can see, when y approaches k, population growth will approach zero

K is not a constant, however, it is a dynamic variable, it can increase or decrease. Innovations such as the industrial revolution and agriculture increase k and resource depletion will decrease it. ecosystem and physical constaints influence the value of k.

No one likes the idea of teenagers having children. I think we can all agree preventing teenage pregnancies is a good thing, even if we disagree on the preventative measures. We can still be people of goodwill toward each other, even if we disagree. However, once a child is conceived, yes, conservatives will oppose killing that child in the womb.

Again, I’m sure you’ll find conservatives agree that the proper place for pregnancy and the rearing of children is marriage. However, we live in an imperfect world where that standard can not be met or enforced. I do not know where you stand on the issue of abortion, but once our preventative efforts have failed, it is pure evil to kill a preborn child for the sake of population control or any other reason, the environment included.

Rather than try to suppress a basic biological drive, would it not be more prudent to address the reasons that poor people are starving and unable to care for children?

I admit this does have me a bit worried, but not enough to have kids for it sorry. Besides if things are really going to get bad then I would feel horrible for bringing children into this world. It;s like my husband said you are responsible for the quality of life your children have.

What a load of ****!We have the capability to feed the world 5 times over.Zero population growth propaganda!

Last time I flew out of PDX, our jet’s course seemed to follow only uninhabited countryside for the first hour, or so. Huge expanses of unfarmed land. I don’t buy the argument that it is not able to be farmed. There is plenty of room for everyone out there. Overpopulation is a myth.

So what do the parents do who where able to care for 6-8 children and than lost a job, got sick, one of the bread winners dies, etc…?

IF one truly believes in God, they would know that He makes no mistakes and He will not give you more than you can handle. On the other hand you (we) can and do tend to doubt in His kidness.

Those people were probably still better off then people starving to death because they can;t support their family. And I donlt believe God doesn;t give us more then we can handle. I have seen too many things to the contrary to believe that anymore…

And I have seen and been through enough to tell you He has and will always keep His promise to take care of His children. It is our own disbelief and unwillingness to let Him take control of our lives to see this truth.

I see what your saying. And I am not saying God never bails us out or whatever. I just say the idea that he is always going to rescue us is untrue.

The main thrust of the video is to say that we don’t have too many children but don’t have enough to even support our economies in the future. I don’ t think population is a problem except in the west. that is underpopulation.

Everyone has the right to have children.

And everyone has the right to eat, and to basic necessities.

Everyone DOES have a right, but if you CAN’T FEED kids in the first place, you shouldn’t be producing them. It’s not common sense.

By the way, conservatives should welcome this “demographic winter.” Conservatives produce a far greater amount of children than liberals. Give it a couple decades, and they’ll take everything over.

But since no one carries with them a crystal ball to tell the future than by using this attitude no one should ever have children. Since we don’t know with all certainty that we will be able to feed ourselves tomorrow let alone anyone else.:blush:

Don’t worry, you can keep having kids. Just tell people you need help feeding your kids and they’ll give you money. Or go to the food bank. People are glad to help kids. And their lives ARE worth living, even if they have to eat food from the food bank. Don’t you dare tell us that they would be better off not being born.


If you are married and have a decent job, you have somewhat of a good indication where you are going.

If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others. Pretty simple concept, from my experience.

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