Demonic activity/demon postion

A problem i have always had with bible I am believing baptist] compared to life experience is lack of demonic position, that seems prevalent in the nt. Does anyone have material to reference for me to further study?


I believe Fr. Gabrielle Amorth’s book, An Exorcist Tells His Story, is one of the better books to read. He is the Chief Exorcist for Rome.

Catholic Answers has some resources as well:

I have this book by Fr. Fortea, but I need to actually read it. It is often recommended here by others.

I’m currently reading “Hostage to the Devil” by Fr. Malachi Martin.

It deals with several cases of demonic possession, all of them taking place in the 20th century. It tells the story of the persons involved, how they came to be possessed, and what was required for exorcism.

I’m halfway through it at the moment. So far it’s very good.

These Videos are GOOD!!!

They are Catholic very Catholic and when I mean that I mean they are Traditional Catholic Videos meaning people that follow the old rite and the more traditional Catholic religious life.

I know your a Baptist and I know your on CAF but this is Catholic Source material.

Just so you don’t say I told you so these talks are from UBER TRADITIONALIST CATHOLICS.

But it’s good sound advice and information some of the stuff is better than what I have read in Spiritual Ware fare books even Catholic ones.

The Best Videos Are by Fr Ripperger who is an Exorcist.
St Michael Defender & Patron of the Church Militant

Demonic Exorcism and Possession Fr. Ripperger

Conference on Exorcism Fr. Ripperger

Warding Off Demons Fr. Ripperger

Spiritual Theology: Demons (part 1) Fr. Ripperger

Spiritual Theology: Demons (part 2) Fr. Ripperger

Dangers of Witchcraft Fr. Ripperger

Spiritual Warefare by Fr. Clement Machado

Guardian Angels Fr. Ripperger

Angels Fr. Ripperger

Peter Kreeft Angels and demons

Here’s another video

An Evening with an Exorcist

In the Beginning of the Bible you have Genesis the Serpent in the Garden.

There is mention of Demons in the Old Testament they are the False Gods.
In fact these are names of actual Demons

God tells Moses that the false gods are demons.

Deuteronomy 32:17
They sacrificed to devils and not to God: to gods whom they knew not: that were newly come up, whom their fathers worshiped not.

The Story of Job is about Demonic Oppression.

The New Testament Jesus is confronted by the Devil in the Dessert for 40 days.

All the stories of Demons being Exorcised from people by Jesus or his Apostles.

The Book of Revelations talks a lot about Angels, Demons, Saint’s and Sinners and the Final Battle between God and the Devil.

It is possible that demonic activity is much more subtle now as we have become more aware of it.

‘The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.’

Thank you all very much.

The Rite by Matt Baglio, based on the real life experience of an exorcist, Fr. Gary Thomas…and the movie The Rite based on the book.

And this documentary, the true story behind the 1973 movie, The Exorcist:

I agree, I think Satan has managed to convince the majority of the population today that demons in general do not really exist, we dont see the level of activity as the OT, and I dont think this is coincidence either, Satan does not want anyone to know he actually exists, and people that speak of demons and devils in todays world, as viewed as crazy and nutty, exactly what satan wants!

Plus, nearly every demonic account we hear about, the media or someone is right there with a modern scientific explanation for whatever happened, so people will believe it was something natural and normal, (nothing to be concerned with), I read about an incident in OH recently where multiple people saw this young boy literally walk up a wall and on the ceiling inside the house, but of course there was some social worker there to quickly give an explanation, I cant recall exactly, but I think she was saying it was mass hysteria or something equally goofy and basically everyone that saw this was just wrong LOL…but it does seem most people will believe the normal scientific explanation versus devils/demons, so it seems in this regard, satan is winning as well!

If it is the majority, as you say, then there ain’t much hope…If one really believes in all of this, that is.

In my Experience first responders tend to be believers and have their own encounters with the the other world.
This would include Police, Fire Fighters, EMT"S, Nurses, Security Guards like myself.

I have yet to really meet an Atheist Security Guard I am sure they exist but the majority of people I have known or worked with believe in some sort of religion.

I work Independent Security so some of my Co workers are Patrol Guards they have to go to Schools and perform Lock up and unlocks and alarm Checks or respond to alarm calls.

I have had a few friends who have to go out to Cemetery and they have seen some stuff.

I work predominately Residential so I do a lot of what Police do with responding to calls involving disturbances whether they are noise related or domestic.

I can say I have experienced demonic attacks when I became a believer and through out my spiritual journey.

I have also encountered evil present in people and I have seen evil in my own life and my own faults that I have overcome and still sometimes battle and the evil of others.

I don’t know that the ratio of theist are in people that work retail but I found that many Security Officers, Police and EMT believe in God and have encountered Good and Evil and can witness to the existence of these forces.

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