‘Demonic activity was palpable’ at Trump’s rally, pastor says

A strange headline and an even stranger story from the Washington Post.


He’s obviously wrong – the demonic is the sole property of liberals.

But in seriousness, I don’t know why he expected anything different. I get the sense that these rallies are the only part of the job that Trump enjoys.

Good for the man for standing up for the protesters who were simply exercising their hard-fought-for freedom of speech.

OTOH, I wonder if the man personally voted for Trump. Ultimately does not matter, IMO.

And I detected demonic activity on BOTH sides of the party line this election cycle, ultimately.

I fear for the fate of our country during the next few years.

Through the prayers of the Mother Of God, have mercy on us and save us. Amen.

There are demonic activities in all political parties. Not acknowledging them is foolishness and idolatrous.


lol media

I’m convinced WaPo has a Rolodex of obscure liberal pastors that they can call for their regular religious themed anti-trump piece.

I’m sure there was more than one pastor at this rally but they selected the one who felt reciting the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ with enthusiasm was demonic. The pastor can’t cite any unchristian verbiage, but he ‘felt’ it was demonic. And his poor daughter had to suffer through that awful prayer (added for emotional impact)

Wonder how many people at the WaPo believe in the devil or have anything but contempt for Nazarene preachers. They must have laughed themselves sick putting this one in.

Of course, they could have just made the whole thing up. But I agree. the preacher, if he’s real, lost me with condemning a woman for saying the Our Father.

I wonder if these demons would show themselves to him at one of Hilary’s pro-abortion rallies.

Seriously… Melania reciting the Lord’s Prayer is demonic… I pray for this pastor, that he comes to understand what true demons are.

Yes. Considering this story is from the Washington Post, it should be taken with a grain of salt. Obviously very biased source.



Me thinks that these particular demons would most likely not be at a pro-abortion rally.

I really get annoyed with these fake stories This guy says is he feels like there were demonic presences. LOL What’s that feel like? This is silly

Come to think of it, these pastors are being used to make fun of Christians

By your post you seem not to believe there is a demonic activity in the real world.
The pastor seems to be the type that would make a perfect patsy. If i were a demon i would show myself to these out of the way pastor types. A perfect smear campaign. Get a fringe Christian and have him put this story out just serves to drive those already thinking Christianity is sketchy farther away.

The pastor walked into the lair full knowing the circumstances President Trump is dealing with these days.
The pastor is also the adoptive father of a special needs child from Mexico so I’m sure he is sensitive to all the immigration and refugee concerns and might have secretly enjoyed the opposition at the rally.
As Theo520 mentioned earlier about WaPo…that.

Speaking of palpable demonic activity, does anyone know whether The Donald is part of the Bohemian Grove Moloch-worshipping-set?

Does he, too, enjoy “mock” human sacrifices of small screaming children?

Don’t get me wrong, please. I understand the demonic is very real and I question the motives of both the pastor and the news source.

Sorry. :o

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