Demonic Capabilities

I’m aware that demons cannot hear our thoughts. I’m also aware that they can push their way into dreams and at least present images. I wonder how much a demon gets to see my reaction to their attacks in my dreams.

I have finally learned to invoke St. Mary or St. Michael’s help - or say, “In the name of Jesus Christ, leave!” in my dreams - and once I do that, the evil vanishes. That seems to mean that spiritual warfare is going on and that demons at least find out if I defend myself.

I do not discuss my dreams (or write them down, or anything) because I think this gives the enemy information that they can use to present further trouble for me. At first, I did discuss my dreams, and their attacks were far more effective. Now, the attacks have become feeble. But, I am just a bit concerned that just writing down what I’ve done so far in this post is going to help them with their attacks. I will pray all the more in that event.

(My house is blessed, holy water everywhere, blessed salt everywhere. I enrolled in the brown scapular and wear it all the time along with a crucifix and a Benedictine medal. This seems to have stopped the direct attacks, but dreams are another story. Also, I doubt that I’m in need of an exorcist as this all started after I prayed to carry the spiritual burdens of others.)

My question is: do demons get to “interact” with me in my dreams? Or do they just project images and hope that I follow them to my destruction? If anyone knows about this, I’d appreciate the help.

I would call your diocese’s administration offices and ask for the contact info for the exorcist in your area. He will probably be of much greater help than anyone here.

well a demon is pure spirit therefore he cannot hear or see you. so you can discuss/ write down your dreams if you please.

 They can give you nightmares.   You should before you sleep sprinkly your head with Holy Water and then ask  Jesus Christ  to help  control your imagination while you sleep.   A good idea would be to lessen your exposure  to  things that give you nightmares. Someone suggested that you get in contact with an exorcist or some priest experienced in these matters who is devoted to spiritual warfare by calling the diocese.   I would talk to the local priest about this making an appointment and listen to his advice. 


I would talk to a priest with experience in this area.
There was a time in my life when I saw visions of eternity, spiritual warfare, hell, heaven, and of course, demons.
The worst was a vision of a demon when I was wide awake and the lights were on. I won’t name the demon here although it told me its accursed name. Although frightened I knew I was protected, and I certainly was.
Thankfully, the visions have now left me although I still carry in my heart a feeling of special grace from God for having allowed me to see that world…but I’m relieved that they’re now gone…

The enemy is preternatural, not supernatural , meaning divine. It is a keen observer , but can manipulate the sense’s. I once was haunted by nightmares you describe and as you, learned to pray in my sleep. Once woke the whole house up singing the Divine Mercy chaplet. It is a very good thing to learn. Another thing that helps is a night compline before bed. It seemed that the enemy widdles and chips away at some in their sleep, in dreams. Have you noticed that there is always a moral choice in them? Maybe he does this to break the peace and cause doubt. Thankfully after a few years those dreams have stopped for me, but not sure why. Seems like you are doing everything you can, but this all could be about you talking with the right person. That one person who needs it at the time. Weird how things like that work. Samson

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