demonic dreams

Almost every other week. Or years i have always had some dreams which i keep thinking i keep seeing satin. I consider myself close to God. Well i am always asking for protection from harm and danger and evil. I had this one dream where all of a sudden i was in the middle of violence on the streets and some how i feel to the ground and this black guy with a white shirt on and a hand gun was coming right towards me just about to shoot me and all of a sudden i felt i couldn’t move and all i could do was look at him and then it felt like someone just pulled me into the ground just carried me away.

And last night i had a dream i was watching my faovrite comedian on stage and he went off stage for a sec and all of a sudden i couldn’t move i was like paralyzed and all these black shadows kept dancing on stage and it felt like someone was trying to poke a whole through my lower back and all i heard were evil laughs and so i tried to wake myself up by moving my toes and it was so hard to do becuz the pain was really bad.

what the hell is this? It only happens when i sleep at night… i work night shift and on my days off i sometimes go to sleep and mostly it nightmares…

When was the last time you made a sincere confession?

Offer these dreams up to God, pray to Archangel Michael for deliverance!

Perhaps because you are inspired towards the religious life, you are meeting extra resistance?

Remember to pray several prayers before going to sleep and after the start of the day, like the St. Michael prayer for protection.

And Confession!! :slight_smile:

I have never told anyone this but I also have frequent nightmares just as you describe actually worse than you describe.
Sometimes i have woken up and feel as if i been thrown around my bed or have woken up to feel as if someone is on top of me strangling me and i am wide awake but unable to move or speak.
The most horrorfying thing that ever happened was about a year ago when i felt as if i was lifted about 1 foot off by bed and could feel strong gusts of wind around my head.Sounds as if i need an exorsism lol
But all these things done was reasure me that there definetly is a God likewise there definetly is a Devil.
I used to be a serious drinker for years and used to blame this. But now i sleep with a rosary in my hand i have done so for a longtime and cant imagine not doing so anymore.
And he hasnt been back even Satan has do humble himself before Mary
I also have thoughts about vocation and mabye this is his attack on us.

As you know scientists come up for all sorts of reasons for things they cant explain

As Jesus said TO NOT BE AFRAID

I’ve had similar experiences. It usually starts with what might be called a “normal” dream and then your train of thought seems to be hijacked, and you are dragged into the beginnings of a nightmare… You wake up and there seems to be a sinister presence in the toom. I find it usually happens around midnight or 2 to 3 am.

About a week ago I dozed off on the couch in the lounge room. I was woken up by this sort of thing, but this time I could actually see something floating around a few feet away. It suddenly disappeared.

I suppose you’re being demonically harassed. You’ll probably find you get used to it after a while. CS Lewis, the Christian author, was apparently prone to nightmares, and I suspect that in his case it was something similar.

Vivid dreams may often contain a message. I think if you ask yourself honestly what these dreams could mean you might find an answer. I would not wish to speculate on a public forum.

Do not worry that these are demonic dreams they are not. Rest in peace and know the Almighty is with you even when you sleep.

If these dreams disturb you, you might wish to practice being in control of your dreams which can be done.

That sounds quite right. It does not mean you are damned - on the contrary. God is showing you what the real battle looks like and you’re fighting on His side.

I used to be a serious drinker for years and used to blame this.

You slipped out of Satan’s grasp – and he does harrass and try to upset people who are on the path to heaven.

But now i sleep with a rosary in my hand i have done so for a longtime and cant imagine not doing so anymore.
And he hasnt been back even Satan has do humble himself before Mary

That is beautiful to read. I sleep with the rosary also and have had similar results – the power of Mary over Satan is remarkable and tremendous. Holy water, the scapular and blessed sacramentals also are excellent helps. Praying the rosary daily and keeping those prayers in mind as you go to sleep (that’s why the rosary stays in hand) brings peace and safety from demonic attacks.

Some scientists try to explain-away the supernatural. They fail abysmally with this – but they succeed in leading many souls astray. The subtle, hidden or invisible temptations and attacks are to be feared more than open conflict. The Demon does not want to show himself because that is the work of desperation and his loss.

In classic Ignatian spirituality – when the Demon attacks, we return enemy fire by doing a little extra, making a sacrifice, doing some penance, praying a little more, reading a spiritual book, walking a little closer to God on the path of sanctification. This only makes us better.

I agree reggie the greatest acomplishment the devil ever has had is making the world believe he is not real.
In a time of scientific explanation for everything he is winning.
Jesus Christ prophesied these times would come and here they are.
Not do worry our day will come :gopray2:

A prayer you might find helpful:

Bedtime Protection Prayer

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, strengthened by the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, of Blessed Michael the Archangel, of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and all the Saints and Angels of Heaven, and powerful in the holy authority of the name His Name, I subject my mind and my dreams only to the work of the Holy Spirit. I ask you Lord to bind up all powers of darkness and forbid them to work in my dreams or any part of my subconscious while I sleep. Amen.

A more powerful bedtime prayer is found in the official prayer of the Church, the Night Prayers of the Liturgy of the Hours. When praying the Liturgy of the Hours one is not just praying by themselves or with their families, but praying with the entire Church – the Church in heaven, in purgatory, and on earth. To pray to appropriate Night Office go to the ebreviary website Night Prayer page

Source: Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog

hi pink - for me when i have stress i dream of violence. it is a nightmare.

a way to stop thinking of the dream is best. when i was small i sung to myself. now i pray. i like this Night prayer. i did not see it before. :slight_smile:

Yes, I know how you feel. Pray persistantly; prayer is your guard against Satan, for it unites the soul to God and Satan wants to tear you away from He who is your Rock and your Salvation. God is with you even in darkness, in dreams, and in agony and sorrow. The only place He wouldn’t be with you is in Hell, and you can’t go to Hell until you’ve been judged!

Like I said, I know how you feel. I once had a dream where I was sleeping in bed, than chains wrapped around my body and I fell through the earth, and landed in Hell. There were screams and torments everywhere. A legion of demons bound me in more chains and dragged me to a nitch in a wall of Hell. A wall with spikes on the inside of it closed in on me, and it was as if a thousand needles pierced my body. I know God permitted the dream to give me a chance to trust in Him and rely more on His Mercy.

Another dream I had was where I found myself in a room with the Pope and severial men in black vestments with red sashes. Books were on wall and on the other was a large window. I was talking about something, I forget what, and than I felt something pull me over to the window. I looked out, across Peter’s Square, and I saw, among a crowd, a man in a black cloak, with a saber in both hands, walking toward the building. Then I saw the Pope and Swiss Guards running through a tunnel, but the man in the cloak stopped them, and he slew them. Then I found myself walking through a vary narrow and dark corridor, a man in a brown hooded robe leading me through. He led me into a small room where the Mass was being celebrated. The Host lifted into the air, and I woke up. I consider this dream to be complete nonsense, the product of my overactive imagination and reading of private revelations.

thank u all very much

Go to the Catholic Goods store in your town. Buy a crucifix, a rosary, and a picture of Mary. Get them all blessed by your priest, and keep them next to your bed. Say your rosary right before going to bed, while meditating on the mysteries of the rosary. Get some holy water from church, and keep it in a bottle next to your bed. Occasionally, sprinkle it around your room.

In other words, make it tough on the devil to enter your room, and your dreams. All of this may sound extreme, but it certainly worked for me.

And start invoking the Holy Spirit to take over your life !

Wow! It’s a strange coincidence I came across this thread. I NEVER remember my dreams. I mean, really…almost NEVER. Last night I had the strangest dream about something I wasn’t supposed to be doing at all!!! The pull and attraction was so great I had a really hard time. Somehow the thought finally went through my head that Jesus would be happier if I came back home. (in my dream) With that thought, I woke up, said 3 hail marys and the St. Michael prayer and went back to sleep. Everything was ok after that. Really freeked me out though, because I am not one to remember dreams at all.

I have dreams as well but I learned to have power over them by learning to control them. I’m simply aware that Im dreaming. I did have a dream this afternoon about a young girl that was possessed by an evil spirit, I wasn’t afraid of this spirit but I was sad for the girl as I could not seem to get this spirit to leave her. Besides using a Rosary and St Michael medal I also use white sage in a pouch near the place of last disturbance and burn the sage with flat cedar now and then to purify my home.

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