demonic oppression

Can anyone point me to good prayers/resources for spiritual deliverance on behalf of my spouse? We agreed, a couple of weeks ago, to have our house blessed and to each individually meet with a priest about spiritual deliverance. I’ve spoken with our parish priest about the house blessing. That should happen in a couple of weeks. But my wife is backing out of her agreement to meet individually with a priest. I knew that there was a good chance of that happening. I will most likely have to handle this issue without her cooperation. I’ve googled the topic and found many such prayers for oneself, which is great -I need it, too. But I would appreciate some pointers on how to pray thus for my wife…and preemptively for our daughter. I assure you that we didn’t reach the conclusion of demonic oppression hastily. Many signs over the past several years have left no room for doubt. It’s intensified recently and has reached a critical point for the health of our household. I also don’t mind providing more details. Thank you all very much.

Begging god for mercy, literally giving up everything and saying god, please i realize where i am and what i have done and i need you to have mercy on us, once someone from the bottom of their heart realizes have brought down they are in asking this and how they are begging they can truly understand god’s mercy, love god for who he is not his power, read the bible, pray the rosary, the divine mercy chaplet, you want you deliverance? there it is, gift wrapped and in a 30 minuete bow, you need not only human help but heavenly help.

I love the rosary, and pray it often. Our daughter and I attend Mass weekly, and I confess almost weekly.

Why do you think she is possibly oppressed, and how did you approach this with her?

Will your wife go to confession?

Not just my wife. Both of us. Many signs. I’ll give a few. Certain favorite religious items vanish. We had a very nice nativity set, a gift from my mother, that we enjoyed for two years. On the third year, we opened the box to find the pieces smashed. It was stored safely. For a while, our daughter was frightened of a certain corner in our bedroom because of a “dark man” standing in the corner. A few years ago, we refinished our wood floors. No doors on the main floor (except for the bathroom), so we sealed off one room at a time with large garbage bags. At one point, we took a break and stepped outside for some fresh air. Came back in to find a very frightening claw mark on one of the garbage bags. The bags were new, right out of the box, and the claw mark wasn’t there before we walked outside. No animal was in the house. The mark was large, and about five feet from the ground. A couple of years ago, a certain word got stuck in my head. I didn’t recognize it at all. Never heard or read it anywhere. Googled it and realized that it’s the name of a specific demon. I could go on for a while, but these are good examples. Some of these date back to when we joined the Church, in '06. But it was sporadic, and we were both very active with the Church for the first few years. I have remained active, my wife had drifted.

After a long time of quiet, the activity has recently resumed, in worse ways. Mysterious claw-like scratches on my wife’s body. Flashes of very violent thoughts have been popping into my wife’s mind, like snapping the necks of myself and our daughter. Totally out of character. In my own mind, it’s flashes of violence against myself, and unimaginably perverted thoughts which I won’t say specifically, for your sake. Also out of character. We’ve heard voices saying our names and words that sound like a different language. Frequent disturbing nightmares for all three of us. Spiritual matters are always on my mind. It’s my nature. My wife, the past few years, has been getting easily annoyed with any talk of the sort. But we conversed on the topic of what’s been happening at home, after a recent, very bad argument between us. The argument blew up so quickly and so badly that it really freaked us out. Nothing physical, but still really bad. That’s when we decided to have the house blessed (something I’ve wanted all along, but my wife kept wanting to put off until this or that renovating project was done). And that’s when we agreed to each schedule confession appointments and talk to the priest about the activity. We decided to do it after the holidays, which was going to be a busy time for us. I reminded her of the talk yesterday, and, well…she doesn’t want to do her part now. My wife last went to confession probably more than 2 years ago. I managed to get her to Mass twice this year. I don’t at all mean to sound critical of my wife. We were both devout following our conversion, and life was grand. But she has gradually drifted away from the Church. I think maybe the activity has increased lately because my wife is more vulnerable while she is quitting smoking. A very good thing, of course, but she doesn’t have her former first line of defense against stress.

Acquire for yourself an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and place it in an honored place in the house. Morning and evening pray some prayers in honor of His Sacred Heart, and remember these promises.

The Rosary is very powerful. The St. Michael prayer. The Holy Names, prayed aloud, ‘Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, protect us. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, help us. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, save souls.’


Tell everything you shared in message #5 to a holy priest.

You are the authority in the family. If your wife is not on board with getting help, then you need to get it without her. I pray that she will go with you.

Praying to St. Michael to Archangel to watch over your family. Also, you should speak with a Priest.

Praying for all of you.

I have an excellent book called “Deliverance from Evil Spirits” by Fr. Michael Scanlon, a Franciscan. It’s from 1980 but still available on Amazon.

I completely believe you as I have the same problem in a cottage on our property-- my deceased stepson (died 2/2/12) and his girlfriend experienced scratches on her, seeing the dark thing darting about the place, and no light could light up the corner where it hid-- this dark being has been seen by our neighbors who didn’t even know the story…I always pray the Saint Michael prayer when I go back there and of course I wear my scapular always, and I’ve never seen a thing. Five other people including my husband have seen many things, including objects moving on their own, etc. I don’t want to give this thing any attention so I’ll stop with that. I do intend to have the priest come bless the entire place in spring.

Definitely have a priest come, consecrate the place to Jesus, say the Saint Michael prayer as others have said.

First, go through your entire house and remove anything with evil connotations, esp books/pornography. When my stepson died and I cleaned out the place, I found a oujai (sp?) board and some nazi things, which I burned.

God bless you and I offer my daily rosary towards your intentions.

Post 9 on this thread links to a good source of information and explains which are best.

The good news is that as her husband, you can help her even if she in not interested.

Sorry about the reply, i was in a sorta angry mood when i posted my last reply, but just try to read the bible, that’s usually the way god talks to us, he will tell you what to do next, as for your wife, ask for prayer requests on this site for her to do her part and step on board as a family, i really would hate to see a divide within the family, because i know how much you love each other so much but this demon may want that to happen, again since your wife is vurnerable, it will be easy for her to be influenced by the demon, anger wise.

Stubborness gets the best of all of us.

I also wanna say when i first converted i was haunted by horrific thoughts, dreams, sometimes voices, etc, mainly they were in my conciousness…My old friend’s baby also was really creeped out when she was in my room, mainly because she complained of something scary in there, just realize that it may be your wife, that is attracting this demon, once you try to heal your wife, it may just move away, and remember everything happens for a reason so read the bible and maybe god wants to tell you something concerning her condition. I am sorry about the not so good advice i am just doing the best i can.

All of the advice you have received is excellent- and you should definitely begin by receiving the sacrament of reconciliation and by meeting with your priest. I understand your wife’s reluctance in meeting with the priest! There is a fear that these occurrences will sound “crazy” even to a priest- and it is VERY difficult to discuss! Without going into details, we have a very similar situation in our home. My husband refused to meet with the priest, but has taken all of the advice given to me by him. We have had the house blessed and have celebrated Mass here as well- which I highly recommend, if the priest is willing. Additionally, we have blessed St. Benedict’s crosses over every bedroom door- and a blessed rosary by the bed. All of this was recommended by our priest. He suggested keeping Holy Water in the house, and sprinkling it nightly with prayers. EVERY night, NO EXCEPTIONS, my husband and I pray together. We pray the two prayers taught to the children of Fatima by St. Michael (priest’s suggestion), the long version of St. Michael prayer, the Anime Christe, the Memorare, one Hail Mary, individual prayers that ask for forgiveness and blessings on our family, as well as for protection. You also mentioned the fighting between yourselves. We experienced this as well, but have overcome it…well, for the most part…by leaving the house immediately when the fighting begins. Usually, only one of us is unreasonably livid- so the other one of us will say “listen to yourself!” And that usually serves as an ample reminder that things are not normal. I also consulted a well known Catholic exorcist who recommended some ancient prayers be prayed over us by a priest- and if I can find the specific information given to me by the exorcist, I will post it. We do continue to be scratched and burned- but much less than previously and our house is much more peaceful. I will pray for you and your family.

just remember to read the bible…ok?

Oops! I tried to edit, but the time limit expired. I meant to say that we pray the Anima Christi not Anime Christi. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all for the replies. Mass, Confession, the rosary, and Scripture are regular things for me. I’ve meant, for a long time, to make more of a habit of the Divine Mercy chaplet. Need to fix that. I intend to follow a lot of your suggestions. I know that any sincere prayer can be effective, but I was still looking for specific prayers since I trust the traditions of the faith, and because the Catholic faith still feels somewhat new to me. Most of you are probably much more experienced Catholics than I am. I grew up going to a very simplified, non-denominational, Protestant church.

I also just wanted to be able to talk, somehow, about some of the out-of-the-ordinary things that happen in my world occasionally, both good and bad. I rarely speak of such things, but sometimes I really need to let some of it out. It’s extremely rare to find people who are willing to believe the stories. The few priests that I’ve tried to talk to about these things seemed reluctant to believe…understandably -I don’t hold that against anyone. But still, I gotta let some of it out once in a while. And I fully intend to talk a priest soon about all of this recent activity, because it seems like something serious that shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, it really feels like things are heading towards some kind of climax.

Something interesting happened after my last post. After work on Saturday mornings, I usually stop by a church that’s always open, with an adoration chapel. The chapel is always staffed by people taking hour-long shifts. This time, no one was there. I was alone with Jesus, and it seriously was almost like I could hear Him say, “I’ve been waiting for you.” It was overwhelming. I prayed about the current situation, thanked Him for my wife and daughter, and for our life together. Then I just sat quietly, waiting for some kind of guidance. What happened then…hard to explain… It felt like time stopped and I went…somewhere else. Came back to my senses later with a definite new feeling of confidence and hope. And the mood amongst my household has been much better, despite a couple of freakish occurrences in the meantime.

Thank you all very, very much for reading this. Like I said, I need to let some of it out once in a while, and I was looking for advice from more experienced Catholics :slight_smile:

Have St. Benedict medals blessed and place them in every room. I had a house I’m sure was under such oppression. If you don’t believe me go read my post and you can read the misery I was going through. As soon as I was out of there my whole being lightened. Get on prayer lists and do novenas. St. Josephs is also good help. I will pray for you.

Don’t worry everything will be alright, god loves you very much and sometimes he lets bad things happen in order for us to become closer to him, like this one, sorry for being hard on you, i didn’t know…but you have a bright future ahead of you, just try to give all your problems to him on the cross, give your hard stressful days and place them in his hands, use kindness with your wife and who knows maybe that kindness will snap her back to you. The chaplet helps alot mainly because you are with jesus at the time he needs you most. Don’t give up, if you need help i am always here for you, feel free to message any of us if you need help. Just talk to us like we are your family (:

It’s ok :slight_smile: No problem. I haven’t been very active on these forums yet, so people here don’t know much about me or my family. I really appreciate the support.

Of course we are always willing to help (:

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