Demonic Possession.

When someone is possessed by a demon does this mean they commit sins that they would not normally commit because they are possessed or is the demon unable to force someone to commit a sin in the same manner as when they are just tempting them in the normal way?

Is it more like when you are drunk, you have less strength to fight a temptation/sin but you wouldn’t do something drunk that you wouldn’t normally do sober, for example I wouldn’t kiss another man no matter how drunk I am.

So can a demon control the host or just significantly weaken them to fight sin?


If ones will is not involved…there can not be sin committed.

How does someone get possessed by demons? What type of things do you get involved in for this to happen? I’m rather naive. I’ll keep my innocence

You most certainly can do things when you are drunk that you would not do sober. I don’t know where you got that idea. What alcohol does is suppress the areas of the brain that inhibit behaviors, so that people become less inhibited than normally, and do things they normally would not do. This is a scientific fact–look it up.

Also, if you are drunk enough, you can do things and not remember them. Do not ever think that you would not do certain things if you are drunk. I have seen this often enough in my own family and some friends. And as a nurse.

One of the reasons that drunkenness is a sin is exactly because people’s behavior changes and they can do sinful things they normally would not do – they lose control of their faculties–both physically and mentally- because they aren’t as inhibited.

Now I am talking about being drunk, not having a beer or a small glass of wine, although some people’s tolerance for alcohol is pretty low.

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Demonic possession is a process and doesn’t happen suddenly…

It is the person’s surrendering of their will, to an evil spirit. Once this takes place, the demon has control of the person.

The demon usually gives the person a sense of goodness and the illusion of an idealistic way of changing the world or events in their lives. The person will eventually will do what it takes to become one with the demon, believing it’s a good spirit which is calling them. . Once the person submits their will to the demon, the demon will bring evil to the person and control that person, for they no longer have free will, which is one of God’s greatest gifts to human beings.

That being said, there are also various levels of demonic possession. Some are so deep, that exorcists priests have failed in their attempts at exorcising the demon from the person.

To me, the best book written on the subject to date is “Hostage to The Devil,” by the late, Malachi Martin.

Lastly, don’t dwell in this stuff too much,

Instead focus on Jesus Christ and being centered on Him.


I’m thinking. Am I one mortal sin away from demonic possession? You never know truly. I’ll stay close to Christ.

So can a demon control the host or just significantly weaken them to fight sin?

It depends on the level of possession. Malachi Martin in his book, “Hostage to the Devil”, describes the final level of possession as being “perfectly possessed” where the demon has ultimate (if not complete) power over the individual. He describes these individuals as sometimes perfectly charming, even charismatic, but something about them is definitely “off”.

Have you ever met someone and think to yourself, “He/she seems fine, perfectly pleasant, even charismatic. But there is something not quite right about him/her, and I can’t put my finger on it…”? These kinds of demonically possessed people seem to have a magnetic personality.

The “perfectly possessed” are apparently generally pretty rare. I tend to believe that a some celebrities and even politicians may be perfectly possessed. I think it is safe to say that many brutal yet charismatic dictators throughout history were quite possibly perfectly possessed.

Sgt. Ralph Sarchie’s book, “Beware the Night”, is another excellent book on the subject. Sarchie was a policemen and lay exorcist with firsthand experience dealing with the demonic. Both books can be quite frightening to read, so you are forewarned.

How does someone get possessed by demons? What type of things do you get involved in for this to happen? I’m rather naive. I’ll keep my innocence

As someone mentioned earlier, it is a gradual process. You can open yourself up to the demonic by dabbling in occult activities like witchcraft and the like, delving into drugs and alcohol, participating in seances, etc. Ouija boards seem to be particularly harmful for some reason.

Daily Mass, saying the rosary, wearing a scapular, reading the Bible, etc. are all ways to “spiritually” protect yourself. Basically, stay on the straight and narrow.

No, you do not become possessed because you know you have committed sin.

Demonic possession is surrendering your will to a demonic spirit.

Knowing you’re a sinner and in need of redemption, is what prevents demonic possession, because you turn to Jesus Christ for forgiveness.

A person who becomes demonically possessed, does know Jesus Christ nor turn to Him for forgiveness.


It is not that easy to become demon possessed. The world is a terrifying place.

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