Demonic possession?


*]30 March, 2006 - Published 22:31 GMT
Suriname high school is “haunted”

It is a tale of uncontrollable demon possession, violence and children falling into trances.

It is not a horror movie but reports of what has been happening at one high school in Suriname.

Many people in Suriname believe there is no doubt that the Tanto Colin School -some 150km West of the capital Paramaribo - is haunted.

The education minister Edwin Wolfe told BBC Caribbean that around seven students in different classes, have become uncontrollably demon possessed: “speaking in strange languages, screaming, becoming wildly erractic, falling into trances” and then collapsing on the ground from exhaustion.

Reports say some students have even been hospitalised after going through the ordeal.

Minister Wolfe has sent a team of religious leaders and psychiatrists to investigate these strange occurrences at the school, and has also asked for help from a higher source: "We have to pray, pray to the Lord, to get the devil possession away.”

Parents worried

Mr Wolfe said the paranormal occurrences started around a year ago, but have really become pronounced in the last three weeks.

Several worried parents have taken to keeping their children at home and the MP for the area has reportedly transferred his son from the school.

Local residents are hoping the authorities will be able to quickly deal with the problem, as their efforts haven’t worked.

One Hindu priest went there on Tuesday to perform religious rites to free the school of spirits, only for the several children to again become “ucontrollably possessed”.

Hi guys, very interesting events eh…I live in the West Indies and heard of this news event. Decided to post it here with the questions: Can anyone try to explain this? Could this be for real?
Would the church conduct an invetigation if asked? Thanks guys.


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