Demonic Roots and Symbolism in the Catholic Church

I have a friend who believes the Catholic church has demonic roots. He sent me a video series from YouTube called Know Your Enemy (Part 23 - Roman Catholicism). It’s from a YouTube channel called TheFuelProject. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. I will here in a bit.

The reason I say he believes it has demonic roots is because he showed me a picture of one of the Pope’s chairs which apparently has an upside down cross. He also says the pillar that is erected at the center of St. Peter’s Square was placed there to symbolize Satan’s penis penetrating the church. He went on to also say that there’s is a lot of sexual references within the church.

Can you provide some background and clarification? I’m researching now as well.

Thank you

An upside down cross is St Peter’s Cross, as it is believed St Peter was martyred upside down on his cross when he was killed.

There are many conspiracy theories against the Church (those who are not Catholic have to justify it somehow, after all). Many are probably legitimately misinformed and may believe such nonsense.


That’s St. Peter’s cross. St. Peter was crucified upside down, a symbol that existed long before Satanists tried to appropriate it.

People can assign whatever baseless symbolism they want to anything. If the Catholic Church really was ruled by Satan, why would it be so “obvious” about its affiliation? Does the LGBT movement own rainbows now instead of it representing God’s promise?

In the words of Sigmund Freud (and I intentionally quote him for a bit of irony’s sake), “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”.


My parents religion Christian Science literally has anti Catholicism in their textbook (Science and Health).

We’re big and we have the truth. People get scared, desperate, and paranoid about it.


Someone who demonstrates such hatred for your beliefs is not a friend.

If this were not so offensive it would be hilarious. Angels are created beings, and demons/Satan are fallen angels. They have no human body at all, let alone human genitalia.


@TheLittleLady I don’t think he was trying to be rude. It seems he’s legitimately misinformed.

He may not be, but that doesn’t make what he says polite.

It’s usually a waste of time to try to convince people like this of the truth. And really, would a true friend make such terrible insults against your church?

@Fauken from my understanding there is some truth to this, but it isn’t sexual. The level of intimacy between God and His people through the Church is similar to that of an intimate relationship between a husband and his wife. Although I cannot entirely remember how this is described. Perhaps someone here knows?

Excellent point.

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  1. DO NOT watch the series. It is absolute hogwash. Paragons of ignorance and malice. They claim to point out the devil by doing his work!
  2. Saint Peter was, according to pious tradition, crucified upside down, as he felt unworthy to be crucified in the same manner as Christ. Thus, the chair of Peter has the upside down cross.
  3. Back to the poor folks at the TheFoolProject: Do they really assert that they and they alone are the first humans on planet earth in 2,000 years to discover the hidden secrets? The only fuel I see is paranoia fueled by arrogance.
  4. Pray for this friend. Do not listen to them, as they seek to draw you away from Christ. They do not believe that is what they are doing, but they are both deceived and self-deceived, and they have convinced your friend.

Personally, rather than bothering to refute their arguments, I would ask them questions:

  1. Since the printing press wasn’t invented until around the year 1440, how can your faith claim to be based on Bible alone and still be true? No one had their own bibles except the very rich and the Catholic Churches, etc. Why would God wait so long to put a bible in everyone’s hands?
  2. By what authority did Mary Baker Eddy found the Christian Science faith? Was she infallible?

It can be both. In this case it is both, and also a bit sad, tbh.

this is a new low in idiotic anti-Catholic bigotry. [headsmack]

Do they also have a problem with the regular cross representing Satan’s attempt to kill the Christ?

you need to find a better class of friends. (OK, smarter and less ignorant would help, too, as one has to be completely ignorant of Christian culture and history to not know white a Petrine cross is upside down . . . )


Just further proof that anyone can “prove” anything from anything. Sorry, but your friend needs to find something better to do with his time and have a healthy dose of skepticism.

Here’s something more edifying about that obelisk. That obelisk was brought to Rome from Egypt by Caligula and placed in the circus on Vatican Hill. It was there where St. Peter was crucified upside down (hence the upside-down cross). This obelisk would have been within line of sight of Peter’s cross.

The obelisk stands there because it is a witness to St. Peter’s martyrdom. It’s not some weird devilish symbol.

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I think there may be some metaphysical problems with this.


I have studied things about the Catholic Church and some people have said some traditions of Catholicism are of pagan origin.

You need to study what the Catholic Church TEACHES, not what others tell you—if you care about knowing truth, as opposed to fiction.

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Some people say a lot of things. Some people also spread lies and falsehood, and considering what you’ve said about the Church in the past:

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more anti-Catholic falsehoods born from a hatred of Catholicism that keep getting spread despite the facts.


Some people have said the earth is flat. Some people have said there’s no valid Pope. Some people have said there was no moon landing.
So what?

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