Demons And Exorcism

I have a question in my head that’s been nagging me for a good day or two. It’s in regards to something that Father Gabriele Amorth once said. He said, “For a demon to leave a body and go back to hell means to die forever and to lose any ability to molest people in the future. He expresses his desperation saying: ‘I am dying, I am dying. You are killing me; you have won. All priests are murderers’.” ( Quote from: )

My question is, what did he mean by the demons dying? I can understand them losing the power to ever possess people, but I thought demons were spirits, and hence, immortal - how can they die?

Dose he mean that, since they lose the power to molest people, they die? I’ve very confused.

I suppose we have to believe in death. Even for immortals.
With God being Life and anyone refusing that life is choosing death. I’ve never read of demons being redeemed but with God nothing is impossible.

Hell is eternal death. The demons are not removed from existence.

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