Demons Fear Mary?


I read an article online, I’ve forgotten the source, of where a demon-possessed man was kneeling before a statue of the Blessed Virgin (the man was not catechized to understand the faith) and praising Her.

Why is it that demons flee at the Name of Mary? Why does it seem that when Jesus and Mary are mentioned that it is more powerful?

I’m coming from a background of strict Pentecostalism where Mary is just another sinner saved by Grace and want to understand why demons and the devil flee from the mention of Mary Most Holy. Why is it that Her Name brings deliverance through Christ?


Obviously His name inspires greater fear in demons than anything - but remember in Genesis 3:15 that there will be enmity (complete opposition between) the WOMAN and the Devil as well as her seed.

We know that the woman can only possibly be Mary, because she is the only woman in history whose seed is HER seed alone - no seed of any man being involved in Jesus’ conception.

People being what they were in biblical times, if the seed had been meant to designate someone who had a human father, it would have been described as the man’s or father’s seed, not the seed of the woman, its mother.

So there you have it - the woman (Mary) is the enemy of the Devil in the same manner as Jesus, thus her name is feared by him as is the name of Jesus. Though we must acknowledge her powers, being the gifts of God’s grace, are inferior to Christ’s, which are inherent in His nature.

But definitely she is more powerful than we, since we being sinners are not so full of God’s grace nor at such utter enmity with the devil.

Hope this helps.


“I will put enmity between you and the Woman.” Note that Jesus called Mary “Woman”. Through one woman grace was lost. Through the other, grace was restored. “Full of grace” and “Highly favored one” indicate a lack of sin. Sin flees from righteousness.

Want an interesting and quick read? Here’s link to an interview with an exorcist priest who confronts the demons face to face.

It is as Mel Gibson portrayed in “The Passion of the Christ.” Enmity. Nothing to do with one another. Diametric opposition.

Christ’s peace.


Why is it that demons flee at the Name of Mary? Why does it seem that when Jesus and Mary are mentioned that it is more powerful?

The name of Jesus is far more powerful. The power of Mary comes from the Lord Jesus. I have personally experienced an episode where I was being terrorized by an entity. I prayed to Mary and nothing happened. However, when I called on the name of Christ, the episode ended.

That said, I have a devotion to the Blessed Mother. You only have to look at my signature to know this. The Blessed Mother has a lot of power and will protect you. I have also experienced deliverence through the intercession of Our Blessed Lady.

Demons fear Mary because of her humble obedience and love. She assisted in their downfall by her obedience to the will of God. They fear her because they know she is very close to the Lord Jesus. They know she has a place of honour in the Kingdom of Heaven. They know she was sinless, and that she was saved from the moment of her conception. They also know that she will crush the head of the serpent.

The devils fear Mary because she helps us to defeat sin. They are powerless against the Graces which Mary grants to sinners.

The demons are also afraid of St. Michael the Archangel because he defeated them at the beginning of time. The cower at the thought of Prince of the Heavenly Host.


from ‘True Devotion To The Blessed Virgin’’, the saint says that the demons fear Mary more than God because out of their pride they can not stand being defeated by a mere woman.


Blessed Mother is always accompanied by St. Michael the Archangel. Little wonder that demons scamper as they near a troubled soul.


Anyone read this link to an interview with an exorcist priest? I found it fascinating. And demons actually do fear Mary.


Thanks for posting that link.

I read it a few days ago but skimmed it quickly.


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