Demons in my dreams?

Hi everyone,
I used to have this dream about a strange and scary-looking demon that haunted my dreams for eight years. This thing wouldnt leave until it had dragged one of my friends out the back door, then it would leave in a massive stomping sound. This woudl happen every year on the same day on the same month, What was this?

Possibly an aspect of yourself that you do not want to accept?

Could be, it looked nothing like me though, It was at my old home, and when i moved, it stopped, something to do with previous home owners?

It could be demonic. In legitimate cases of demonic oppression terrifying dreams are common. Was this the only major sign of demonic activity?Did you consciously notice the date before it happened? Do you personally associate anything with the date in question? Have you been involved in the occult? Have you been baptized by the trinitarian formula(in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit)? Do you know anything about the history of the house or it’s previous owners?

ok, i didnt relise it happened on the same date untill it had stopped. I have not been baptised and im not sure about the previous owners. I have nothing to do with the date it happend. I have not been a part of occults

Some good signs here, Are there other signs of demonic activity? For instance have you noticed orbs of light flitting around? Have things moved on their own? Have you had fairly frequent oppressive feelings that you are being watched by something not nice? This isn’t an exhaustive list, so if you can think of something strange feel free to post it.

As it stands now it looks like you have done nothing to accept the devil into your life in any extraordinary way, but not being baptized he has a more free range of motion in your life. You say the dreams are gone, but if other things have happened are they still doing so? If there is nothing going on then you likely only have the ordinary activities of the devil to worry about, namely temptation.

I have experienced, in the past, a ton of demonic activity in my dreams. Rather than scare me away from Christ, however, it just cemented my conviction to follow Christ regardless of the consequences.

If it is demonic, then there’s not much point in spending any time on “the message.” If it is not demonic but just something that you randomly dream - then I’m not sure what could be gained from studying “the message.”

If you do get attacked more in the future, I’m a big fan of holy water and blessed salt. That has helped my work and home life be less troublesome.

Agree with In_Servitude. I bless myself with Holy Water before I go to bed, pray to St. Michael, and make an act of contrition. I used to have terrible dreams as a child–often having to do with the devil, trolls that breathed fire, trolls that skinned people, mad scientists that tried to operate on me. And I’m talking about from a young age, starting at around 4 or 5. Occasionally I will have a bad dream now, but not often and not if I pray before I go to sleep. But what someone just posted made me realize something: I was NOT baptized until I was 29 years old!! My family was Protestant and attended church sporadically. I think if you are not baptized, I would be baptized as soon as possible. My son, however, was baptized as an infant, and I can only recall him having a bad dream once during his entire childhood. That’s very interesting to me…

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