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Alright so i just came back to the forums after like, a year long break so i’ve kind of forgotten where everything goes…this doesn’t seem like the right place for this but seeing as the question i’m about to ask deals with evil i figured I could just throw it here and somebody could move it if it had to be moved.

So the question is: does the Church teach that demons can be summoned? I was watching Constantine (keanu reeves movie) and it got me thinking about it. I mean, I know that demons are real, but i’ve never heard anything definite about whether or not they can actually be worshiped and called upon individuality to help a person commit evil acts, cast evil spells, etc. Could somebody draw a mystic circle or whatever on the ground and actually call upon the demons of hell?

Now obviously i have no intention of doing anything like this, I’m just asking the question.

Yes, they can.

…first of all I would say to you that Constantine is a movie and should be regarded as such, not some guide to the spirit world. Second, I would say the Church says NOT to mess with Texas (black magic)… don’t mess with ouija boards, tarro cards, attend seiances… there is evil out there, i don’t recommend you court it… Peace:thumbsup:

I agree, they can. Demons are angels, remember? As Catholics can call on the protection of God’s angels, others, if they really want to, can call on the demons for whatever, and they do (There’s a website of a group of people called Demonolators that do just this. There are also “ceremonial magicians” that use texts called grimoires from medieval times that give details on how to summon and force demons to do your will…:rolleyes:). Remember, Satan and demons want to seduce us away from God, and making people think they have power and can “do” things without God is one way.

There’s a book that was a best seller in Greece that I highly recommend, called “The Gurus, the Young Man, and the Elder Paisios” by Dionysios Farasiotis. The book is a memoir about a young man (the author) in Greece in the 1960’s-1980’s who always had an obsession with mysticism, the occult, and summoning “spirits” in order to achieve an enlightenment to be “greater than God.” He gives Christianity a chance, and then decides to go to India and give Hinduism and occult practices the same chance he gave Christianity. He sees how daemonic these things are, and ends up becoming a faithful Christian for the rest of his life.

In the book, he details some of the things he experienced, such as group meditations, in which he was able to summon a “golden face,” and everyone in the room felt the intimidating presence of this spirit in different parts of the room, how he dreamed that he was attacked by a horned monster and woke up with pains and bruises where he had been attacked (his friend told him she had the same dream about him), and how a friend of his, in an argument with another friend, wrote some demonic lettering on his friend’s window to “summon a demon to teach him a lesson.” There was loud banging on the window in the middle of the night and for the rest of the night, and they could not figure out what it was.

One of the most interesting parts of the book, which in my opinion proves the validity of demonic posession, is when the author travels through India to see a man worshipped as a God, named Babaji. He witnesses strange things from the man, and as a line of people (him included) walks one by one in front of Babaji to receive advice or a blessing, the author crosses himself, asks for Christ to help him, and upon standing in front of Babaji, Babaji’s face turns to horror and malice and he screams at the author to get out of his sight. He didn’t do that with any other people in the line, but only the one who crossed himself and asked for the intercession of Christ.

So in short, yes, demons can be summoned.

ha well first off, yes i know Constantine is a movie, it just brought up the topic in my head.

And thanks for the answers guys, and i’ll definitely be checking out that book.

But do demons make physical appearances on earth? when summoned? As angels do this from time to time, i’m curious. Its just hard to imagine a group of emos dancing around a chalk circle actually being able to do anything…

But do demons make physical appearances on earth? when summoned? As angels do this from time to time, i’m curious. Its just hard to imagine a group of emos dancing around a chalk circle actually being able to do anything…

Angels come and appear to humans ONLY when God directs them to do this.

To say that demons come when summoned is to say that the have the virtue of obedience, which, when you think about it, is absurd. They are by nature proud and arrogant, and won’t even obey God. So why should they obey a mortal? (Some have suggested that this was their fall.)

Good point. But summoning could just be a “call” or “request” sent to the demon. The demon could choose to appear or not, but perhaps it would want to if it sees that in doing so it could corrupt people more easily and work its evil.

I’ve never seen a demon, and neither do I know anyone that has, but I do not doubt for a minute that demons can make physical appearances, just as angels can.

I was involed with black magik/demon summing for 13 years. it is real and if you play with it you will end up insane, dead (inside as well as out) and incapable of mercy or commpassion. by summing evil you invite it into you heart. if jesus had not come into my life when he did I would be in a nut house or jail or dead. satan is real i’ve met him (that guy is such an *******) and if you seek him out only bad things will come to you. trust in jesus and you will not have to worry about the insanity that the occult brings about.

Great little summary. Thanks for the book idea, its on my wish list.

they don’t obey humans.

it’s all just a set up for the long term con.

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