Demons pretending to be Jesus or Mary

I remember the story where Padre Pio saw the devil and that he transformed into different things. I read that the devil transformed into the virgin Mary or Jesus. Does anyone have any stories where the devil pretended to be someone in front of saints or anyone else? You could also share your thoughts about this.

I know the story of nun the Jesus was appearing to her. Every time He appeared He would say “Don’t be afraid, it me, your Lord”. And when the devil appeared in costume of Jesus she asked “who are you”, and he said “why dont you tell who I am, it is enough” then she realized it’s devil and told chased him away

Also one nun told the apparition to say Divine praise, then it couldn’t and run away.

Sometimes God allows devil to tempt us so we can grow in spirit, as seen with many saints

Also I know, that devil will bring lots of consolation and lure but when he leaves he will leave confusion and restlessness, on the other hand when Lord or Lady appears the person will often be scared, but will be left with peace.

What some priest said, devil can emulate anything, but he cannot emulate peace. Peace is something only God can give.


I know the story of a monk who had an apparition of Jesus who instructed to fast for 40 days and then he will come with a carriage and take the monk to Heaven as praise. The monk told his superior who advised him not to fast that strictly because he’s not ready yet. The monk disobeyed his teacher fasted and was very pleased with himself that he did such thing. Then on the 41st day he saw a wonderful carriage of light and Jesus riding it, and when the monk came close to him and spoke asking for his reward, the apparition then kicked him off the carriage with despise and accused him of vainglory during fasting and then the monk got scared and began to pray. During his prayer the apparition suddenly changed dark into the devil and left.


I always wondered about these stories, not in disbelief but curiosity. The name of Mary and name of Jesus are so powerful in dispelling them. How are they able to stand looking like them? Is it just the intense delight in perverting something good that makes it possible?

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wow, he certainly learned his lesson


Whoa! That’s horrible


I have doubts about this.

Would Mary and Jesus allow a soul to be deceived this way ?

St Bernadette was told that the vision of the beautiful lady may be the devil. So she was instructed to toss holy water at her. The Blessed Mother just smiled and told her that was not necessary.


So where did you get a story like that?

St Teresa of Avila wrote about this.
What is required is discernment and obedience. If one who has visions confides in a good spiritual director and follows his advice then even with the devil pretending to be the Blessed Virgin the person can grow in holiness and the devil will lose.

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Can’t remember who it was but the devil showed up as Jesus to this saint. The saint said go away satan, when he asked why she knew, she said because you do not have the wounds of Christ.

After Jesus appeared to St. Faustina multiple times, Satan appeared as Jesus and told her to throw her journal in the fire. Then she had to start all over again.

Ive read from lives of the saints, listening to priests sermons and audio books. Cant remember now names and exact sources.
Is there any specific story you are interested in?

I am interested in stories where people encountered Jesus and Mary or any holy apparitions, miracles, visions, and dreams. I also have interest in stories where people encountered the devil.

Can you tell me where you get that story if its alright with you?

Other than the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe we don’t really know she or Jesus looks like. I’m a fan of St Faustina, but that image (which I venerate) is based on what she believes Jesus looks like.

My point is it is possible for Satan to appear as a beautiful woman & the receiver believes it is Our Mother.

He he could imitate Charlton Heston & I’d think he was Moses.

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Where did you get a story like that if you are okay answering?

Desert Fathers.


I’ve heard Fr. Donald Calloway mention it in a couple videos

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then this site will be interesting to you

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