Demons Within the Church are the Eternally Deadliest of All

As great as the destruction going on around the world is on a physical level of death and injustice (which began with the first of humankind listening to the deceitful teachings of a ‘snake’), there is a greater EVIL.

This EVIL is masked in LIGHT and yet is the WICKEDEST AND MOST VICIOUS of evil, and that is the spiritual injustice, incomplete and false teaching (twisting) of God’s Word within the church that had lead to millions of ETERNAL spiritual deaths worldwide throughout the centuries:

“Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” ~Matt. 10:28

Who is the greatest enemy and where can they be found? How are they more evil than those who are physically murdering, raping, pillaging, etc. others? You must search the Bible for these answers, not looking to human thought, reasoning, and opinions, but look to GOD for what HE has to say about who is doing the greatest evil, on a spiritual, eternal level. This can be only be found within the eternal, living, active WORDS of GOD, using Scripture to determine what other Scripture means, not human-made theology, doctrines, personal opinions and feelings.

It begins with acknowledging that the greatest spiritual and eternal evil is found within the church and specifically, within the teachings of “Christian” leaders who are not appointed by God to teach His Word.

Do you truly believe this to be true? If so, how does this lead you to live your life?

Shouldn’t this be under sacred scripture or apologetics?

This seems a bit more of a rant than a legitimate question. Why not give specifics on who you mean to call out as a “Christian” who is falsely preaching the word of God? Who to you is appointed by God to so preach? Also, you are on a Catholic forum and so of course you realize that Catholics embrace both Scripture and tradition.


I agree with Limon. This sounds like a rant. OP: Can you give us specific points or your position?

The OP has their religion as “Christian” so I’m guessing they aren’t Catholic and this is probably just some Pope and Magisterium-bashing rant backed up by the usual cherry-picked Scripture verses. Yawn.

Plus the author seems to have just joined. I’m hoping they aren’t the “Christian” who got banned earlier returning under a new name.


Hahahahaha Tis

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