is it possible to be possessed by a demon just for a few minute? Becuase I get really mad at people sometimes and it’s like something else comes over me and I cant control it and I wonder sometimes if thats what that is.

I can loose my temper as well and sometimes I wonder about that. I would suggest that it is not so much a demon taking actual possession, but rather that the enemy knows how to push our buttons. Check out a video by Bishop Sheen called The Psychology of Temptation.

Don’t call for the exorcist just yet. :slight_smile: Gabrielle Armoth (sp?) in his An Exorcist Tells His Story emphasizes that a good confession is more powerful than any exorcism.


Try this short story by a priest being considered for canonisation. Fr John hardon. See link below.
Also try reading the screwtape letters by CS Lewis. You can get it on audio cassette, featuring John Cleese.
You will gain great insight into how the devils work from these.
To get CS Lewis’ works -
I would be cautious about thinking there is something more diabolical than usual going on. But you can get some info and prayers at this site-

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