Why are there so many demons in Jesus’ day? Were some of these mentally ill.persons? If so, isn’t the Bible wrong about calling them demons?

It is my firm belief that the Resurrection and the establishment of the Eucharist, that most merciful of mysteries, was the reason we see less demonic influence today then in those days.
I don’t accept the modern theory of epilepsy as the reasonable misdiagnosis of demonic possession. No doubt there would be examples of this form of mistake even today. However, the Bible is full of examples where the Apostles were very busy expelling demons.
My belief in the efficacy of the Eucharist was firmly established in my discussions with a missonary priest with much experience in pagan lands.

I don’t think we are seeing less, maybe even more. Read the books written by the sanctioned exorcists.

If the Holy Bible says that its a demon, then it’s a demon. After all, the books of the Bible were written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
I don’t think that the authors made a mistake when writing about demons.

Is your belief that the Holy Eucharist protects those who receive it from demonic possession, or, do you think it has a localized effect so that in geographic areas where Mass is offered there is less possession? Both? Neither?

Fact: The number of demons is exactly the same as when they fell. They weren’t “killed” or destroyed by St. Michael and the other Angels, just cast into the Abyss. There numbers haven’t changed, nor will it because they cannot create anything including themselves, nor can they procreate, (thank God!!!) It is *by God’s permissive will *that some get out of this Abyss and as the prayer says, prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Read the story of Job. The devil was the author of his fall and those around him were so blind to the demonic, that they attributed his fall to God as a punishment of a sort. We too are like them in our blindness to things demonic in our day and this is assisted by the current culture’s advancement of some notions, i.e. the notion that mental illness and not demonic possession is the cause of some person’s problems and instead of actual exorcism, they recommend pills. Ummmmmmm…

A very clear “proof” of the activity of the devil in our day and age to me is the sin of abortion. We’ve allowed over 55 million babies to be killed in the womb since Roe vs. Wade and if you ask me, this much blood shed going un-checked and even defended can only come about by the blindness that occurs when one falls under the influence of the devil. He remains hidden and that is one of the ways in which he operates. But this is just my opinion.


Saint Thomas teaches that Hell is something that demons continually experience and take with them as they prowl about the world.

  1. The fallen angels are engaged in battling against man’s salvation and in torturing lost souls in hell. The fallen angels that beset man on earth, carry with them their own dark and punishing atmosphere, and wherever they are they endure the pains of hell.

I do not believe that the bible was just misdiagnosing mental illness as demons, mostly because that has absolutely no real backing. Only speculation. As far as the Holy Spirit assuring that you will not be tested or tormented by a demon, I am sure that is false. There have been many saints who were assailed by demons.

As many have mentioned elsewhere, the current tactic of the enemy is to get people to believe he does not exist. Those who do not believe in his existence will not protect themselves against him.

Would one not agree is it impossible to cast.out a demon if there is no demon?

I believe demons are just as active today, if not more so, than in biblical times. It’s just today we have a thousand excuses to dismiss them. I know a Baptist preacher who strongly believes in possession, after having met two possessed people. When Protestants start agreeing with Catholics, there is substance to the topic.

I would be careful with this line of thought.

God Bless you

OH yes, there is much more demonic activity in todays world…mainly due to some many people worshiping false gods, like money, materialistic, celebs, etc. the world is ripe for the picking in satans eyes!

In a book I have about this topic, it said that there might have been more demonic activity “in the neighborhood of Jesus.”

Actually, maybe demonic influence is being misdiagnosed as mental illness.

Maybe, maybe not.

Did people in the NT even KNOW about mental illness and were they able to differentiate between mental illness and demons. If so can anyone link me to some proof?

In Matthew 17:14 it talks about the son being a lunatic but then later says that “Jesus rebuked the devil” which sounds like they’re using mental illness and demons interchangeably.

I am not sure. However, my missionary friend (who was in New Guinea and some of the islands saw a distinct lessening of what he believed to be demonic possession where the Eucharistic Mass was celebrated and where there was a large number of communicants.
Some of the stories concerning demonic possession he witnessed would make a good film. This was no nut case but a good and holy man who saw it all from the trenches.

Please don’t think my question was aimed at negating your belief or discrediting you or your friend.

I have a priest friend who thinks that the lack of Baptisms in some third world areas contributes to demonic activity. He also attributes the lack of Baptisms to some of the horrific sins committed by Muslims.

Last night I ordered An Exorcist Tells His Story by Fr. Amorth. Anyone read it and, if so, is it helpful?

I’ve read the book. It’s good basic information.
I even bought the movie!
The Exorcist in the 21st Century

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