There are demons telling me not to pray i have to pray over and over to make sure am not evil
I pray to Mary the mother of Jesus i pray to Jesus i pray for forgiveness
I pray for others who are struggling with mental health problems and those that are oppressed

The demons are making things hard i see and hear them
My husband husband says there are no demons its just my mental health he said he will give me my meds soon

i pray the rosary and listen to Christian rock
i think that my husband is sick of the demons or maybe he is sick of me
i don’t know
i am waiting for a therapist av been waiting a year and a half for one through the nhs cant afford non nhs so i have to wait i see my psych in Feb next year
unsure when i next see my GP

Keep praying - The Holy Rosary, especially.

Could you pray for me too, please?

You could try some calmer Christian music - try a bit of classical, for example.

Also, pray “Come, Holy Spirit.” in the quiet and relax. Why don’t you read a bit too?

God bless.


Talk to your priest. If you are being oppressed, he should put you in contact with an exorcist or a sensitive.

Keep praying the Rosary. Some powerful saints against demons are St. Catherine of Siena, Padre Pio, and Ven. Frederick Baraga.


Praying to St. Dymphna for your health & recovery.

Thank you for replying to me
I will pray for you
i have the bible on tablet OT and NT
am interested in books but i don’t have any other Christian ones
ill listen to some thing less rocky

Do they give any reasons as to why they don’t want you to pray?

I agree with the previous poster that advised to see a priest. Sometimes there is a lot simpler remedy than you may think.

They dont say but i think they want me to go to hell
i ask for forgiveness from Jesus i ask that i dont end up in hell
I pray over and over
i go to church but its not a Catholic church as i have issues with priests and the Catholic church
the church that i do go to has a female rector i trust women more than i trust men

Best way to combat evil would be to make an appointment with a Catholic priest. :wink:

I’m not asking you to give personal information, but from your reaction I get the impression that your problem with the Church is with one or more individuals in it and not with her teachings or sacraments.

If that is right, then I can kind of see how demons may be wanting to keep you down and prevent you from seeing the light? They would have you generalize your aversion to some of the people, to the entire Church and her saving teachings, and of course presupposing they “are right” or that you will “listen to them” they think the most likely story from this is that you are lost – and thus you should give up hope. It doesn’t sound to me like you are lost and without hope, though, because you’re here working the problem and that alone is no doubt disturbing to the demons. “If you aren’t making waves, then you aren’t paddling.” I pray for your strength and blessings in your seeking for Truth.

Have you experienced any noticeable change in their behavior since you started posting about it here?



i cant see a priest because am too scared of them
basically i was abused by a priest i dont trust them
when i got married there was a priest there and i was terrified the whole of the service but i had to put up a front as members of my family don’t know about the abuse
i cant cope with going to a priest
i no longer see myself as Catholic i am a Christian seeker

Sorry to hear this. Very sorry.

Without meaning to push, maybe it would be a good idea to speak to someone. And if you are a Christian seeker then there are alternatives to priests if you have a phobia of them now due to the past:

  • Find out about a nice nun in your area.

  • Christian Therapist in your area.

  • Speak to someone you might trust who is a practicing Catholic.

  • Also, there are religious who are not always priests, such as some monks or some friars. I think it would be a very hard job, for example, to be nervous of a Franciscan friar. If you knew one in your area you could ask who would be the right person to speak to. It sounds to me though as if a nun might be the best call. Some give spiritual guidance.

There is someone called Sr. Briege one can write to, to ask for prayers, and the secretary will pass on your prayer request:

One can email her with a simple request for prayers. You can state your problem, it is kept confidential, and then within a month or two you’ll get a response from the secretary, and in the meantime Sr Briege has probably already prayed for you. Try checking out the website! She is a holy nun and well known in the world for good reason.

But ultimately, making a positive step forward is down to us to do, we have to do this ourselves and take positive steps, little by little.

Take care and God bless.

Seeing a Spritual Director of some kind, be it a priest, a sister of the church etc would be a good move. You need guidance. You shouldnt act on anything your mind is telling you without guidance.

Prayer is great and worthwhile but you ‘need’ guidance.

Am seeing a psychologist unsure if she is christian i will not see her until November for my first appointment
There are nuns in my area there is a convent near to were i live
but av never talked to a nun about the abuse part of me is scared
I have great respect of nuns because before the abuse i wanted to be one
the abuse made me feel like its my fault the priest would say look what you made me do
he called me evil and that i deserved to be abused
thank you for the link i think ill e mail the sister

Dear Emily,

It is reassuring to know you have someone to see in November so something new and helpful is on the way!

If you have nuns near you then they are a resource. Part of their commitment is to society, if they are around the public, so maybe a phone call to their convent could be a worthwhile little step to take. (I knew a sister and she helped me a lot, for different reasons). They should be sensitive to, and able to empathise with, many serious issues.

Any new step, including sharing a personal ordeal, can be a bit scary at first but you have already been brave enough to admit you could do with help, and this is the biggest jump - you’d be surprised at the amount of people that can’t admit this to themselves - so I think you are very brave already!

I think it is very positive that you are going to email/write to Sr. Briege!

God bless.

Thank you
Am finding things very hard right now the demons say Jesus has abandoned me
sometimes i see the demons as that priest am so scared my husband isnt religious he says the demons are part of my mental health maybe he right but sometimes i think i see them because am evil
i pray over and over for other people but never for myself am too scared to pray for myself just in case Jesus rejects me
i know in my heart that he will not but there are some times because of ,my past and OCD
That i feel like am not worth love
i looked online for convents in my area the only one i found only works with the homeless
i am not homeless

i feel scared

Hi Emily,

God loves you. :slight_smile: …love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, loves you = God!

Pray. Especially an Our Father and some Hail Marys. This may also help you to ignore the demons until you get some professional advice.

You could still ring or approach one of the nuns who work with the homeless as they might know someone who can help and they themselves would have a duty-of-care to all people.

Whatever steps you choose to take, God loves you…yes, LOVES you!

God bless.

thank you
i will pray and pray the rosary i did have a link to somwhere that gave a step by step guide to the rosary but its says they havent payed there bill and that its been superseded

does anyone have a link to one like that ?

Hi Emily,

I’ll pray for you. You may add prayer to St. Michael the Archangel

And this is the rosary:

God bless you!

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