I was just thinking that if there are different kinds of angels and demons are fallen angels, then doesn’t it stand to reason that there are different kinds of demons.

I don’t know for certain if this is true and thought it would be a good pause for thought as there are a lot of people here who would know.

I would appreciate your thoughts.

Yes, demons may have special gifts of sin to lead us to. But, I am sure they are talented in many ways.
That is why we read our Bibles and pray our rosaries.
Mark 16, I forget the verse. It says, “the signs that follow believers. We can pray in tongues w interpretation. We can lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. We can cast out demons in His name.” Do not go to horror movies and/or get involved with the occult. Astrology, ouigi boards, visit fortune tellers.

Keep Christ the lover of your soul.
in Christ’s love
Tweedlealice :wink:

Why do you think horror movies are demonic?

Psalm 90[91]:

[5] His truth shall compass thee with a shield: thou shalt not be afraid of the terror of the night.

[6] Of the arrow that flieth in the day, of the business that walketh about in the dark: of invasion, or of the noonday devil.

[13]Thou shalt walk upon the *asp *and the basilisk: and thou shalt trample under foot the *lion *and the dragon.

Exorcists believe this to be true. The evil ones seem to have differing ranks and abilities.

The evil one can use such a genre of “entertainment” to enthrall people. That takes our eyes off of Jesus and what is good.

Yes, there are many kinds of demons. For instance a fallen seraphim (like Satan) is still a seraphim and a fallen cherubim is still a cherubim. The fact that they are fallen angels doesn’t mean they have ceased to be that specific type of angel they were before–only that now they are evil and less powerful than they used to be when good. A regular good angel could easily beat Satan in a fight because all good angels have God’s love in them, which makes all of them much more powerful than any demon. If I didn’t know any better I’d say that demons are insane, but then if they were insane than that would give them an excuse for behaving the way they do and they never would’ve been kicked out of Heaven (plus a pure spirit form lacks the brain chemistry to be capable of losing sanity), but if one thinks about it, for angel or mortal, choosing evil is a crazy choice.

What about horror movies that have a good verses evil theme like The Exorcist? When it first came out the Catholic Harold said that every Catholic should watch it. We can’t just pretend that evil doesn’t exist when a part of being a Catholic is battling it.

Their “insanity” is their arrogance which led them to think they could replace God… ?

Exactly. “The Exorcist” is shown in some seminaries as part of the seminarians’ formation, from what I’ve heard.

I understand what you are saying, and a movie based in reality about exorcism can be helpful in understanding the evil we are up against.

The Exorcist was seen by many, myself included, and all the reviews I read about it stated that it was exaggerated, and in the end the priest died. (am I remembering that correctly? was quite some time ago.)

The book, “The Rite”…“The making of a Modern Exorcist” is very good. It is written by a priest who went to be trained to be an exorcist. What he saw was factual, with the teaching of the exorcist he was with.
I read it and learned a lot from that book.

Yes, we are certainly in a battle,…thank God for prayer and His sacraments!

I personally think movies like The Wizard of Oz are more demonic than most horror movies.

If that’s true of horror, then it’s true of every movie ever made.

I am referring to movies that are focused on evil spirits, hauntings, destruction and fright.

Fear is a healthy emotion, and it’s not wrong for movies to engage that part of our psyche. If there is extreme violence involved, I agree that it can take a voyeuristic hold on the audience. However, I don’t think that “The Exorcist” or “Jaws” is going to lead anyone to Hell anytime soon.

I saw both those movies, and don’t think they will lead people to hell.



There are nine choirs of angels, so there may be different types of demons. But, since we don’t have a clear elaboration on the different choirs of angels, we shouldn’t assume there are nine types of demons. They are all SPIRITS created by God, their differences may merely be duties or merit and glory. Venerable Mary of Agreda interpreted the Seven headed dragon in the Apocalypse as being demons tempting to the seven deadly sins. To close a study of Demons will lead to superstition and unhealthy obsession with the occult.:wink:

Ive always found it curious that most christians believe true demonic activity in our world is a rare thing, yet the bible tells us Satan and the demons pretty much have this world under their ‘spell’ so to speak…if they were so active in our world, why would it be considered rare?

I often wonder if past generations had it right, when they labelled many things ‘demonic’ or possession…its not that surprising our modern times, ‘experts’ and many others would try to downplay how active they really are in our world…Plus, Satans greatest trick was to convince many people he did not even exist…maybe some of our modern scientific explanations for these things are only put out to further a certain agenda?

Yes, it is a ploy of the devil to make us think he does not exist.

Yep and our society today sits back and laughs at all the people in the past that would blame ‘demons’ for things our modern day science has come to ‘naturally’ explain, and we are just told those people were superstitious back then…YEA RIGHT!! lol

All those people in the past were probably correct and its our modern day ‘experts’ that are collectively leading us away from the truth.

I will have to argue against the idea that a Seraphim Angel could be a fallen angel. This circle of angels are perpetually with God singing “Holy, Holy, Holy”. Another unique thing about angels and fallen angels is that time is revealed to them in full, and therefore, God would not have given an angel who was destined to fall the rank of any of the higher choir’s.

Now, this does not mean that Satan does not follow God’s perfect order in organizing his demons. He may have created an inner circle who perpetually sing to him and are always in his presence.

In comprehending why one-third of the Angels fell with such understanding of time and space is indeed mysterious. One explanation I heard was about the love they had for God (The Father/Creator). As creation began to grow, they saw sin and were disgusted. When God (The Father/Creator) revealed the second person of himself (Jesus) these Angels could not accept the mercy bestowed by God onto creatures who were so tainted with sin; almost as the stench of sin chased them away. Satan, then as ruler, is driven by two main goals: separate mankind from God AND judgement without mercy for mankind whom they separated from God.

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