Dems hope to mobilize blacks for midterms using ferguson outrage


FERGUSON, Mo. — Down the street from where the body of Michael Brown lay for hours after he was shot three weeks ago, volunteers have appeared beside folding tables under fierce sunshine to sign up new voters. On West Florissant Avenue, the site of sometimes violent nighttime protests for two weeks, voter-registration tents popped up during the day and figures like the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. lectured about the power of the vote.

N.A.A.C.P. leaders are creating a door-to-door voter registration effort with a jarring reminder as its theme: “Mike Brown Can’t Vote, but I Can.” Senator Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, is working with others to hold a “candidate school” for people, including young black residents who say they want to serve on a city council or school board but need guidance on what a political campaign requires.

Got to give the Dems credit. They never miss an opportunity to scrape up votes.


Isn’t that the point of a democracy? That when things aren’t going the way folk want they politicize, organize, and make use of the rightful political paths of action available to them. I would love to see the politically disenfranchised run for office.



Where was this rhetoric when the TEA PARTY was formed and protesting? :ehh:


I’m all for voters getting educated on the issues, and voting.
However, using this death as a national cause is despicable.
At most it should play in electing Sheriffs and Mayor/ City council



I don’t think I see the problem; I’ve been part of voter registration campaigns and events. We want people to exercise their right to vote. I have never heard of a voter registration effort telling people who to vote for.


You’re “under-thinking” this, miss felicity. Its not merely about concerned citizens exercising their right to vote, etc. Its about shamelessly using a tragedy to gain an advantage in an election and increase/maintain political power - to pursue policies which DO NOT help minorities. They divide people against each other for votes. Its a shameless strategy which ends up hurting our country and race relations.



Huge problem ONLY for the Republican party. Maybe they should send in Dr. Ben Carson, to set Ferguson on the right path.


Clearly the Democrats are nervous about the mid-terms. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be exploiting these types of tragedies in order to capitalize on them. They are a pathetic, morally bankrupt party that does not deserve the votes of any serious catholic.



I disagree, a tragedy did occur, and a large part of the unrest that followed was due to the people of Ferguson, feeling helpless, feeling disrespected and abused by those who are supposed to protect and serve them. One practical way to empower the people is to encourage and assist them in becoming active in practicing their right to vote. I have yet to see a political party target the people of Ferguson.


Large part of the issue is the violence which was promoted by groups as the Black Panthers known to be active at Obama party elections.


I see no problem in wanting everyone to vote. Part of the problem “maybe” in Ferguson is the fact that the population did not get out and vote in elections. I’ve followed the story, the town is 73% or so African American but there voter turnout has been poor. They had some sort of stat on TV where it was something like out of 5 City Councilmen, only 1 was African American. That said, we still can not be sure of the results.

Not voting is already a problem across the spectrum I would say. Especially in some mid-term elections and so on.

IRS putting some political groups filing for non-profit status under intense scrutiny would be questionable as well.


Thats a funny joke, tell me another one. The Black Panthers have publicly released statements that they did not and do not support President Obama.


The best thing for the people of Ferguson, miss felicity, is for strong families with two parents a mother and a father who raise children to be fine upstanding citizens. This is not achieved through the ballot box. Rather, it will have to be achieved by the citizens of Ferguson themselves and no one else. Anything short of that, and we will see continued violence particularly blacks against blacks which is a much bigger problem than the occasional tragedy involving a cop. Mind you, I don’t have all the facts in this case so I will withhold judgment. Would that more people withhold judgment until all the facts are out



Plantation politics by carpetbaggers with the highest African-American unemployment ever, and the richest getting literally twice as rich. Sign me up for the Black Panthers, I couldn’t agree more with their rejection of Obamanomics. :cool:


Ironic how the party that champions itself at helping the A.A. population is the first in line to exploit it for personal gain. Such is the game of politics. Cheers :wink:


Just a few points, I think the voting initiative is putting the focus on the people of Ferguson deciding what is best for the people of Ferguson, the best and most immediate way to do that IS through the ballot box. I will never argue against strong two parent families but to imply that is the only solution to a multifaceted issue is problematic.

As for black on black crime, there have been summits and initiatives on the topic in many of the cities and predominately black most affected by black on black crime even within the last months to a year. The efforts on black on black crime are not often publicized, but I still don’t think that is an acceptable argument for acting like they are not happening.

With that said, I don’t think the people of Ferguson were reacting to the “occasional tragedy with a cop”. The incidents of police brutality focused at black males has been serial and to trivialize it, does a disservice to conversations that need to happen surrounding it.


The biggest problem that plagues the black community is not police shootings but out of wedlock births and lack of two parents. The destruction of the family unit was the worst thing that happened to the black community. And this was brought about largely by the welfare programs in the war on poverty that started in the 1960s. If the cop that shot the kid in Ferguson acted wrongly then I hope he will be prosecuted and punished. But you seem to be willing to make up your mind on this without all the facts. Organizing and voting are great but they are no substitute for the things that will ultimately help the community much more than political action.



Personanongrata;12303753]Huge problem ONLY for the Republican party.

Why? 90% of African-Americans vote democrat, and the democrats need about that just to get the Obama/Biden ticket across the finish line.

If the GOP got even 1/3 of the African-American vote, it’d be lights out for the DNC.

Maybe they should send in Dr. Ben Carson, to set Ferguson on the right path.

A lot of the Ferguson residents do NOT want outsiders there. :shrug:


The efforts on black on black crime are not often publicized, but I still don’t think that is an acceptable argument for acting like they are not happening.

This comment doesn’t hold water. Where are all of the protests for Black on Black violence?

The elites won’t gain anything from it, so it does go unnoticed. The other flip side is that in places with high murder rates people are so used to it, local news outlets won’t dwell on it for weeks on end. That’s just the free market in play.

But as far as principle, the only person it seems with the courage to take it head on is Bill O’Reilly.

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