Denmark to declassify being transgender as mental disorder


From today’s Guardian:

Denmark will next year declassify “being transgender” as a mental illness, lawmakers from the parliament health committee have announced.

“It is completely inappropriate to call it a sickness,” the committee’s deputy chairman Flemming Moller Mortensen said on Tuesday.

“There is a longstanding wish from the trans community in Denmark to have it removed” from the health ministry’s clinical guidelines on illnesses, he added.

The move, which would come into force on 1 January, is also intended to put pressure on the World Health Organisation (WHO), which has yet to remove transsexualism from its list of mental disorders.

Denmark has “no more patience” with the WHO, which will discuss the issue later this year, Mortensen said.

Amnesty International hailed the Danish decision, saying it made Denmark “a role model for transgendered people’s rights”.


Let’s send John Mark Karr aka Delia Alexis Reich to Denmark!


How is believing that you were born into the wrong body NOT a metal illness? Seriously?Why are there those, including trained medical professionals, people who understand science, trying to aide people in what is basically a myth, helping people who believe they were born into the wrong body to believe that they can become another gender?! What about Transracialism, believing that you are really a different race or Transageism?! People who believe these things need respect as human beings but they need help, and not having medical professionals and other sources in society try and affirm these beliefs as if they really can happen, that somebody can becoming a woman when they are a biological man etc.


Interesting considering American psychologists are trying to get it placed back on the mental disorder list.


I wonder if this has anything to do with insurance? Years ago if a disorder was placed in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) insurers were required to pay for treatment for that disorder where mental health coverage was available.

Just a thought.



My id says I’m 18, but I identify as a 21 year old. Can I buy some beer? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t let me buy beer, then you are discriminating against a transageist! :mad:



It is a very telling condemnation of our culture that the only delusions we tolerate as being normal are sexual delusions


Very true. This culture is sex-obsessed. In an abnormal way.


And Holland has legal prostitution, whereas Sweden banned the same.

Plenty of evidence for transgenderism being part of Disassociated Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality disorder.

All Danish saints, pray for them!



By the way I just want to clarify regarding my post in #3, I cannot be 100% sure it is a mental disorder. It may be a distortion in the belief and thinking about gender, which may not be mental disorder, I don’t know. I’m not a medical professional. But it seems strange that actual medical professionals would try and aide people to alter their hormones etc.

Dr Paul McHugh, the “former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry” believes it is a “mental disorder”:

I don’t think he is alone in thinking that.


That is the primary purpose of the DSM.


Not to complicate matters any more, but who can believe these ‘officials’ anymore when they keep switching back and forth from something not being a mental disorder or no?. It either is or is is not. With science, there is either proof of something or there is not. That is why we put faith in it. If you have one official saying it is and another saying it isn’t… well, that is not going to go well with the populace. Frankly, just stick with the word of God- It clearly says that its wrong when someone tries to come across as the opposite sex.

However, I’m sure it seems like I would not be supportive (in hope of peace for those suffering this) but I am. We as Christians have to make sure of how we treat others who are in delusion is with kindness and fear for their souls, lest we find ourselves cast out or deluded as well.

DSM used to have a lot of things that were considered mental disorders- homosexuality for one- but enough people argued against it and they changed it… We should really be VERY cautious about a group and their ‘findings’ that can change like that. That’s not THE ROCK of Jesus, but the religion of secularism.


Wait until you are in your sixties and want those extra years back! Sigh…

I’ll meet these psuedo scientists half way, lets call it a minimally debilitating mental abberation…it even has a cool sounding acronym MDMA!


Psychology has never been very scientific and the cause of most mental conditions remains unknown. Scientists have discovered, often just by chance, that certain chemical compounds help treat certain psychological conditions, but they often don’t even know how they work. Nowadays, the job of most psychiatrists is to prescribe and manage psychiatric drugs for their patients.


True enough. However, there is evidence that GID is an abnormality of brain development with links to other developmental disorders (schizophrenia, autism). The trouble is that, as with homosexuality, politics prevents science from being truly objective about the issue.


Then why is he quoted here so much?


The agenda behind this sort of garbage, transgenderism and pushing homosexuality on toddlers and other children, etcetera, is simply to insure that Western people’s are miserable in the future. It’s social engineering, and the goal is to make people as unhappy as possible. Unhappy people are weak people, and so it’s to someone’s advantage. Whose? I’ve no idea.

Unconventional warfare is unconventional warfare, and that’s all it is. We’re under siege and it’s generally forbidden to discuss the matter.


It seems that one’s offense to their condition being referred to as a mental disorder is enough to get it declassified as such.


Wow that’s an interesting theory.


So, who do you think is being objective on the issue of homosexuality? Hopefully, you’re not going to claim that NARTH or Focus on the Family is such an objective scientific source.

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