Dennis Hastert admits sexually abusing teenage boys


Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert on Wednesday admitted to sexually abusing teenage boys during his time as a high school wrestling coach in a Chicago suburb before his career as an elected official.

Hastert took the stand today and admitted that he’d “mistreated” some of his athletes.

“They looked to me, and I took advantage of them,” Hastert said as he awaited his sentencing after pleading guilty last fall to breaking federal banking laws in a hush-money case. “I apologize to the court and to the people of the United States.”

Judge Thomas Durkin sentenced Hastert to 15 months in prison, a $250,000 fine, along with two years of supervised release on the condition that he get sex offender treatment. Prosecutors had recommended a six-month sentence. Durkin called Hastert a “serial child molester” and said he must not contact any of his victims.

“That’s necessary to protect the victims,” the judge said.

One of the men who has accused Hastert of sexual abuse years ago identified himself in the courtroom Wednesday before Hastert spoke.

The man, previously known only as “Individual D,” identified himself as Scott Cross, 53, who lives in Chicago and works in finance. He has a wife and two children.

“Coach Hastert sexually abused me,” said Cross, who teared up at times as he identified himself publicly for the first time.

The allegations stem from the time Hastert worked as a wrestling coach at Yorkville High School in a Chicago suburb between 1965 and 1981.


Nauseating. I would have preferred he serve some time, and not just six months, either.


I wonder how long its going to take someone on the forums, and blame this on Hillary or the liberal media?

Wait for it, wait for it.


Slap on the wrist. :mad: The victims got life.


No, more likely it will be blamed on George Bush, like everything else is.


While what Hastert did is despicable, he wasn’t charged with molesting the boys. He was charged with withdrawing his own money from the bank. What a crazy world where you go to jail for that.

He also seems to be the victim of extortion. Unless I’m mistaken he volunteered to police this information about molesting boys. Why on earth would he do that?

What bothers me most in this case isn’t that a deviant reached such high levels in politics. I expect that. Rather I’m most troubled that the system is so corrupt a high school teacher can have millions of dollars to pay in hush money. It’s like they don’t even care to put on a good show for us.


Oh trust me, GW is not blamed a lot on here.

What MR. Hastert did is not acceptable, especially since he’s in the public eye. Those people that blame the other party for their wrongdoing are just immature in my opinion.


It won’t take long for it to be “all Hillary’s fault.” :rolleyes:

It’s sad, really. The situation and the tendency to blame everything bad that happens on Hillary.


I’d be happier if he were simply a high school teacher with access to millions rather than the Speaker …how does anyone think he got millions?? He sold us all down the river like so many others.

That he is also a bi-sexual hypocritical molester of children…is simply to be expected. The more people say they are good Christians supporting Christian values, the more it appears they are anything but that.


You may recall that I said he needs to spend prison time. never did I say what he did is acceptable.


Possibly your concern is premature, since nobody has.


Very sad to see how people use this tragedy to try to score political points .


In what sense?

Bc I jumped on the somebody will blame this on Hillary or the liberal media argument?

The man did wrong. Just like Tom Delay when he was Speaker of the House. This is not a democrat or republican issue, this is evil people doing evil things.


They can’t help themselves it seems


These horrible people are always able to occupy positions that enable them to grab up their victims. Then we learn too late what position they held, right under our noses!


I would say that’s really not a justifiable assessment. I would be skeptical of anyone who announced himself/herself a “good Christian” unless asked if he/she thought he/she was. If Mr. Hastert ever did that, I’m not aware of it.

But if one asked the Pope if he is a “Christian” he would surely answer affirmatively, and has undoubtedly said it unbidden. Whether he has ever said he is a “good” one is unknown to me.


Apparently, to some, it is a political issue, prompting some to include Mr. Delay in negative commentary.

But if one was not wanting to make political points out of it, one would simply condemn Mr. Hastert’s action, and perhaps be disappointed in the lightness of the punishment.

And I, for one, do not think counseling “cures” problems like this. I think that’s well established. If Hastert has refrained from similar actions since those events, it must have been through sheer force of will.


Mr Hastert was a very powerful political person. That is why this is getting as much national press as it is getting.

And because he was a powerful political person, there is a natural tendency to review what was going on while he was in office. How did he get to such a powerful position? Who helped him and why? Are any people supporting him now? If so, why?

This article identifies many ex-politicians who have written letters to the sentencing judge in support of Mr. Hastert… It is titled Tom Delay, others defend Dennis Hastert in letters to court.


We have another deviant in Bill Clinton,who reached the highest office in the U.S.A very strong possibility he will be back in the WH.What does that say about the priorities and morals of those that may,through their vote allow this to happen.


I don’t believe that Bill Clinton is running for any office at this time. No one doing any voting this year is deciding anything regarding the former President. I also wouldn’t compare Mr Hastert’s sexual abuse of a minor boy (or boys) to Mr Clinton’s infidelity. As far as sexual activity is concerned, one is illegal and one is not. Morally, a different thing, but legally very different.

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