Dennis Miller on O'Reilly commenting on the Pope

What is Dennis Miller doing commenting on the Pope’s visit. This guy has said some of the most scandalous things about the Church. Miller is as bad as Penn & Teller and Bill Maher.

On his HBO show in 2002, he made some comment about priests that went something like: “What a job. You have no money. You get no sex. I have a word for that…loser.”

And now Fox News is using him as a commentator on the pope’s visit. Did O’Reilly need an anti-Catholic to rival Bill Maher?

why are people like that? It alawys seems like people who are anti-christian think themselves morally superior…but on what basis? What he said was just mean.

Miller’s comments were really offensive, but as regular viewer of the O’reilly Factor, you should know that Dennis Miller is a regular guest on the show, and comes on every week, wednesdays with miller is the segment or something like that, one of week days. But still, I would not want to hear what Miller has to say about the Pope anyway. I heard Maher delivered an apology, but I doubt it was serious. His comments really offended me.

Dennis Miller is no better than a prostitute. He was a liberal when there was money in it. Now that the money is on the conservative side, he is on the right. If tomorrow the money was in Nazism, he’d slap on a swastika and goose step.

He’s not even funny anymore. He and Bill Maher have lost whatever intellectually funny edge they had. They don’t have any new material. Miller went to the right in search of more comedy material and he sounds as flat as he did on his old HBO show.

Anyone who can say such degrading things in front of thousands of viewers has no right to be aired on television. I don’t even know who he is, but that’s just sickening, and his comment shows just how incredibly ignorant he really is.

Dennis Miller was formerly a member of Saturday Night Live.

In addition, he was a member of the NFL’s Monday Night Football (when it was awarded to ABC, I believe) broadcast team. He lasted all of two seasons I think, and many people wrote in to the NFL and ABC to complain that he wasn’t wanted.

I love football, and personally, I stopped watching MNF games because of Dennis Miller. He just sucks at being funny.

Is it possible he has changed his ways? Maybe he was disgusted with his old life in Hollywood and this is more who he is now. It seems like a lot of people in Hollywood just say things for shock values.

I’ve spoken out against the Church in the past and now I regret it. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Miller is not completely conservative, or on the right. He is all for the war on terror and sees the war in Iraq as part of it. He (like me) views “global warming” as a complete farce. His political leanings to the right these days are based on those issues almost completely. I think he is still OK with gay marriage and/or civil unions, embryonic stem cell research, and he may even be pro-choice. (For my own information, I am going to try and confirm these things).

911 seems to have changed his thinking process and put him somewhere in the political center.

Yet, Christians use the basis of their invisible souls will reach a heaven that others won’t achieve. What’s the difference? :confused:

Christians believe that they are morally superior based on what, a book written by man 2000 years ago? Their faith based pride is no else and nothing more.

You have a shallow argument here, Naztakuan.:rolleyes:

Many people confuse Catholic beliefs with fundamentalist Christians-who happen to be very vocal.

If you do an internet search on the Catholic concept of something called Invincible Ignorance I think that you will be very pleased.:thumbsup:

The reason that I don’t define it here is because I am afraid that I might just confuse you. This is not because of a lack of intelligence on your part but an inadequacy to put the concept into words on my part.:blush:

Dennis Miller actually defended the Pope on that segment.

Yeah, I thought I heard him say he liked what the Pope had to say. Maybe I’m wrong, but I did watch the segment and thats what I got out of it.

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