Dennis Miller

A few months ago, a radio station replaced Michael Savage with Dennis Miller for the evening (6-9) show.

At first, I was not sure that was a good move (even though I did not care for Savage), but he seem better and more conservative than I though (except for the few off color jokes) he would be.

I was wondering what other people thought of him.

I don’t know. This does not sound like the Dennis Miller I know. Although not as rough and profanity laden as other “comics,” he definitely is not funny in a clean way. I remember him being a football commentator for a while, and my first thought was, “What is he doing here? Making all kinds of non-football references. Football fans are here, live or in their living room, to watch the game, not hear clever (non-football) remarks and word play.” A distraction, not a plus.

God bless,

Whether or not you liked the clever word play of Dennis Miller, I have to say that I can do without most of the brain-dead chatter of the so-called experts most of the networks have calling the games. “The key to winning the game here is to score points. The other keys are to keep the other team out of the end zone, and to not turn the ball over. You can’t win if you turn the ball over. And capitalizing on turnovers and red zone opportunities are key here.” Most everyone else in broadcasting today makes Madden look like a complete genius. Which is really saying something. At least he knows how to use the electronic doodle pen effectively.

I love Dennis Miller. He never talks down to his audience. I wish we’d get him on our radio station.

I like Dennis Miller. I think his type of humor using phrases & words that go over alot of people’s heads, was not good for Monday Night Football. I think it left alot of people saying, “Huh?” Now, although not a commentator of the actual game, we have to suffer Keith Olberman’s thought’s on Sunday Night Football:cool: . Dennis Miller is on The O’Reilly Factor once a week for commentary & I believe he is on tonight’s show. His political leanings are moderate to conservative. He used to be liberal. If I can get it, I’ll listen to his radio show:thumbsup: .

Thanks for confirming my suspicion that he use to lean left. I agree he is not as conservative as many, but he makes good points using his humor on his show. Plus, everyone is a target, not just the left. I think his show is still evolving.

I like that about him, too. Also, I do believe he is from Pittsbugh & a Steelers fan…yes, he’s a smart guy!:smiley:

Considering I am a native Pittsburger too, I would agree :stuck_out_tongue:

I KNEW you’d agree:D !

I just KNEW you were a Steeler fan. Hah…
On the subject of Mr. Miller…he’s my kinda guy.

May I ask if this is the same Dennis Miller who used to do the news on Saturday Night Live?!!

Sorry, I guess I’m not up-to-date on my celebs!

Yes it is, and I am really enjoying his radio show!

I remember him most from SNL’s Weekend Update; never seen any of his stand-up comedy; enjoyed his book Rants (or something like that).

He’s got an encyclopedic brain for movie references, and brings in a lot of fun anectdotes from his shoulder-rubbing with the Hollywood crowd.

Regular guests are folks from National Review Online and the Weekly Standard crowd.

He’s polite, even to the conspiracy theorist callers (but he calls it as he sees it when they go over the top).

He and his sidekick/producer do get silly and have fun, but at the end of the day (9p-12), I don’t mind.

And he is a MOST welcome relief from the scary Michael Savage, whose timeslot he took over.

(Fwiw, my tastes in talk radio run the Bill Bennet–Laura Ingraham/Glenn Beck–Dennis Prager–Hugh Hewitt route. I’m a stay at home mom & catch snippets here and there throughout the day.)

His “sidekick” did the sponsors the other day and he sounded like one of those NPR hosts that do the classical and jazz programs :cool:

His sidekick, Sal? Phantom of the Opera music

Replacing Savage with Dennis Miller is an improvement, IMO. However, I liked him better when he was less conservative. His ‘rants’ were very insightful, I thought.

I’m not a fan of Miller, but whatever gets that psycho Michael Savage off the air.


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