Dennis Prager Bible courses?


One of the things that led me back to the Catholic faith (from atheism) was listening to a sample of Dennis Prager's Bible commentaries. These lectures seem to be pretty good because they go verse-by-verse, but I believe he is a Jewish man and I was hoping to find a Catholic source... Maybe that doesn't really make a difference? :shrug:

I'm interested in reading the Bible and learning more about it. Does anyone recommend buying his sets or have any other recommendations, preferably for verse-by-verse Bible lectures?

Thanks and God bless!


The main bible study I recommend is Jeff Cavins' Bible Timeline. I like Dennis Prager and might have to check out his work.


Prager is Jewish, I believe, and although he may have some good insights into Jewish understanding of the text, I presume he does not engage the typology of the Biblical text which points to Christ. Typology is critical in grasping a Catholic understanding of divine revelation. So much of the Old Testament reveals texts in the New Testament, from Christ as the new Adam, to Mary as the unblemished Ark of the Covenant and new Eve. So just keep that in mind if you listen to Prager's work. :o


Thank you for your responses, I'll keep them in mind! :)


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