Denominations similar to Catholocism?


I’ve heard a few denominations are very similar to Catholocism, save for a few differences. I know Eastern Orthodox is very, very close, but what are some of the other denominations, and what are the differences (as well as similarities)? I’ve heard Lutherans and Episcopalians are very similar, and I think I’ve heard Methodists are, as well.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, or has been asked before. Did a quick search, but didn’t hit anything. Thanks!


First: Yes all those are somewhat similar.

Second: The only stupid question is the one that never was asked…


Now for an Order of similarity?

1 Eastern Orthodox
2 Episcopal
3 Lutheran
4 Methodist

I have come across Disciples of Christ. I don’t know much about them but when I was doing research I came across this DC site which at first glance looks Catholic in content when I clicked on this link:

This page is very good read.

They actually use a reformed version of our Lectionary.


What about the Old Catholic Church? They are very much like the Anglican Church.


Define similar.

IMHO only the Orthodox are similar in belief, theology, and practice. The others may have some structures and liturgical practices that approximate the Catholic liturgy and hierarchy, but theologically I would not classify them as “similar” to the Catholic


Interestingly enough, viewed from the East, Protestants and Catholics look for all the world like two sides of the same coin, or brothers arguing over what Augustine meant.


Except protestantism did not exist when Augustine was alive. :smiley:

P.S.–You have neglected to take into account us lowly Eastern Catholics. :o


I just had a conversation with a Lutheran in my Historiography class about this. He said that he was on is way home from Church sunday and he noticed me coming out of the Catholic Church that morning. He said he didnt know I was Catholic and thought it was cool because he was Lutheran and “we are basically the same” faith wise.

I didnt want to get into it with him so I just nodded and said that a person could get a lot further away from Catholicism in the Protestant denominations than Lutheranism but I still didnt believe we were “basically the same”…

Now that he knows I am Catholic everytime the professor says something about the Catholic Church (for instance when he was talking about the reformation) he asks me what I think about it… LOL What do I think of the Reformation hmmmmm :rolleyes:


I understand that you couldn’t resist the swipe so I’ll let it pass:p .

I was referring to our shared Augustinian heritage.

In a very real sense, all Western Theology, Protestant or Catholic, is a footnote to Augustine.


It was not a swipe–it is the truth. My apologies if you took it that way. Although some reformers were under the belief that some of the early heresies were early forms of protestantism.

I understand what you were referring to–but St Augustine was Catholic!

The Catholic Church references **all **the other doctors and saints of the Church as well–too numerous to count. Do protestants?


I would guess you’ve not encountered a traditional nose-bleed High Church, Anglo-Catholic Anglican.


Anglicanus Catholicus


Don’t forget the Old Catholics.


Do you really want to start with me?

Because here is what will happen:

You will hamfistedly propose cartoons of history which I will then use nuance and a broader view to punch holes in, creating a more variegated picture and one considerably less congenial to the Catholic Fundamentalist.

But it won’t make any difference because to a certain mindset it is better not to allow oneself to be confused by facts.


No, I did not forget this group or the various schismatic groups. Walks like a duck and quacks like a duck but is not a duck.

While Anglo-Catholics try to say they are “just like Catholics” they are in fact still part of the world wide Anglican communion-- which adheres to numerous Protestant tenets antithetical to Catholicism-- and therefore when you get down to brass tacks are not similar to Catholics.

You’re either Catholic or you’re not, and I find the Anglo-Catholics to be the saddest of all-- thinking they can be both Catholic and Protestant at the same time.

I am myself a former member of the Anglican communion.


If I were Protestant, I’d be totally embarrassed by people who say dumb things like that. The only reason they say stuff like that is because they want Protestantism to seem a lot older than it really is. But if they understood anything about those old heresies, they’d run away from them, I’m sure.


Like what?


Like that the Gnostics or the Arians or the Nestorians, etc., were “proto-Protestants.” :rolleyes:


Well, I was thinking similar structure of Mass, receiving Communion, theological beliefs, etc. etc. I don’t know, I’ve just heard different things before, like one denom may have statues, while the other has pictures instead, they may be similar in all but one aspect. I don’t have much experience in this area, please forgive me if I don’t make much sense. Perhaps similar isn’t the best way of putting, maybe ‘closer’ to Catholocism? I don’t know, stop confusing me :slight_smile: .

BTW, I’ve been wondering lately, the Church of Christ claims to follow the format of the early Christians, correct? How close are they to Catholocism? Are they anti-Catholic?


Ah, but I’m not a part of the Worldwide Anglican Communion. Lots of us are not.

You’re either Catholic or you’re not, and I find the Anglo-Catholics to be the saddest of all-- thinking they can be both Catholic and Protestant at the same time.

Ah, but I’m not Protestant. Any more than the Orthodox are.

I am myself a former member of the Anglican communion.

I congratulate you on your escape. Would that more follow you.


Anglicanus Catholicus


The structure of a High Church Anglo-catholic Mass, say from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer in the USA, is very similar to a RC TLM. It will be celebrated ad Orientum, and the people will receive kneeling at the rail, as was once the norm in the RCC. You will find chants, sometimes Latin, smells and bells, and other things you would find familar, if you have attended a traditional RCC Mass. And no EEMs. The Real Presence is affirmed, often in terms of Trent, Session XIII, Canon 1, The Angelus is said, and other such things.

Keep in mind that, according to *Apostolicae Curae *, Anglican orders are not generally valid, but that is not relevant to the question you posed.


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