Dentist phobia girl starves to death

AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD girl starved to death after developing such a fear of dentists she refused to eat, an inquest heard yesterday.

Poor kid.
It’s a fearful age, seven to nine. I wish someone could have proved to her that she needn’t go to a dentist to eat.

Good heavens.

How could that GP just not bother to see the kid when she wasn’t eating! :mad:

How could the parents not insist that the GP see her, or look for another GP who would see her! :mad:

There has to be more to this story. I would think any concerned parent or doctor would have found some way to force-feed the kid, up to and including putting in a naso-gastric tube. I’m really suspicious about this one…

That’s why there’s some sort of inquiry going on into the death, according to the article.

Oh, man, I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled in a couple of weeks (2 of them aren’t even in and they hurt like crazy).

There is! …in another article.

The girl died 11 days after being released from hospital after an operation to remove her milk teeth, and despite her parents’ attempts to obtain help from the National Health Service


National Health Service
National Health Service
National Health Service

Folks that is what we are all facing if the Obama’s stimulus plan is approved.

What doctor in their right mind would remove ALL of a child’s milk teeth??!!! :eek:

What a tragic and totally avoidable story.


One reason I’m not a fan of socialized medicine: it winds up being one-size-fits-most health care, and God help you if you fall outside of that “most”…

something sounds So incredibly weird about this story. What kind of 8 yr old starves herself? I am not buying it at this point that it was fear of the dentist…

I think something was going on at home…

i mean, it seems to me there has to be soemthimg more to this…

i don’t mean to crtiticize the parents, but can’t help thinking something isn’t right in the girl’s relationship with them…


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