Denver lawsuit accuses abortion clinic of not reporting rape of 13-year-old


A Denver Planned Parenthood office and four unidentified employees are being sued for failing to recognize child-sexual abuse when they gave a 13-year-old girl an abortion and birth control.

The man who brought her in for the abortion and requested the services was the teen’s step-father and longtime sexual abuser.

Cary Smith, the mother of the child, who is identified as R.Z., is asking for a jury trial to determine damages for suffering and emotional distress for the child, according to a complaint filed in June. Operation Rescue, a pro-life group, publicized the complaint Friday.


Oh my! I bet more of this happens than what we even know. Thanks for keeping us informed. You do great job for us.:thumbsup:


How disgusting. A thirteen year old girl and they don’t even ask one ? and the abuser is with her. May all guilty be punished to the fullest extent of the law. May this clinic be closed down and we pray for an end to abortion.


I remember reading of another case where a sports coach brought another girl who he had victimised for an abortion. I’m sure it’s not as uncommon as we might wish.

I distrust the laws which make it legal for underage children to access any medication or medical intervention; be it contraceptive or otherwise. This erosion of a parent’s duty of care is very sinister, in my opinion.


I agree totally !!! God Bless, Memaw


The very fact that these clinics co-operate with child abusers to destroy the evidence of their crimes, makes more abuse likely. The war on children starts before birth and continues into adulthood when these raped girls have to live with the loss of innocence and the loss of their babies. That means even more money for Planned Parenthood, so I guess it makes sense to them.


Seems like PP in CO isn’t having a good couple years. There is a lawsuit against the Colorado Springs for doing a forced abortion on a woman.

I hope they get sued into bankruptcy in both cases. :mad:


I think Colorado is the State that started the whole Abortion thing in 1967. And look where it’s at now! I moved out in 1968. It used to be such a beautiful State. Prayers, God Bless, Memaw


However, we did have World Youth Day here in the 90’s, and a lot of good fruit from that is starting to ripen. The seminaries here are solid. We had Chaput, now we have Aquila. We’re home to the largest diocesan-lead Catholic Bible Study effort of anywhere in the world. (The Denver Catholic Biblical School.) The Augustine Institute focused on forming leaders for the New Evangelization started up here a few years ago. Other things I can’t think of right now. Just sayin–what potential!


You guys were nice enough to give us our Bishop Nickless too. :smiley:


Planned “Parenthood” will probably receive billions more taxpayer dollars to help them reform themselves from within. When a government-approved agency fails, this illustrates the need for more funding. :blush:


Thank God, I still have very warm spot in my heart for Colo. I lived in Denver and Northglenn and I think I covered nearly every inch of the Mountains. they are sooo breathtaking. I can still see those old miner cabins on the side of the Mts. Both my husbands became converts while there. My first husband died there in an accident .Six of my children born there. I have a baby buried there in Calvary. So many memories. God Bless, Memaw


Its important to read the details. The abuser who was with her was her own stepfather.


Yes, but the clinic failed to recognize child sexual abuse. That was my point.


And? Lets say for a moment that they had asked the circumstances of the pregnancy. What do you think would have happened?


She’s 13. What is wrong with you?

You ask a LOT of questions to determine how she got pregnant. Ask where Mom is at, ask if she knows. Ask her queestions privately in case the “parent” is the rapist. The truth will come out.

But PP didn’t want or care to know or find out. They made their money killing the baby. What makes you think they are concerned about the 13 year old?


I wonder if there were mandated reporters at this PP. If there were they would have been legally bound to report such child abuse.

I would suspect that, yes, since nurses work at PP then there were mandated reporters. The circumstances of child abuse are irreverent in the legal duty to report it within 24 hours.

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