Denying Cuomo Communion

After reading about this guy, and given Joe Biden recently being denied communion, I’m wondering if it’s only a matter of time. Publicly living with his girlfriend after his divorce, staunchly pro-abortion views (to the point of telling pro-lifers to leave New York), and using Pope Frances quotes out of context to support these very anti Catholic views, I really want to see this . . . man . . . denied communion.

I really don’t understand people. Long ago when I was an atheist, I would tell others my views honestly and consistently. Now that I’m a Catholic I tell people I’m pro life and try to adhere to Her teachings on porn, birth control, masturbation, etc. Why are people so awfully inconsistent and hypocritical?! It’s absurd…


Does Cuomo go to Communion nowadays?

We usually don’t know when a person has been denied the right to receive, or been excommunicated. It usually is a private communication.

We also don’t know what, if anything, was discussed in confession, if he goes.

I’m more concerned about why a state with so many Catholics keeps electing him governor…then complains the bishops aren’t doing their job.


In the case of someone who claims to be Catholic and so publically dissents from Church teaching it should be public imo.


According to this link, Cuomo has not presented himself for communion since 2011.

As to how he gets reelected, it’s not with my vote. But here in NY, even though the majority of upstate counties don’t like or vote for Cuomo, we are outnumbered by voters in NYC who must really enjoy abortion throughout 9 months of pregnancy and very high taxes with poor government services. :roll_eyes:


We should make a list of every person at our parish we don’t want receiving communion and post it at the door! These threads are so judgmental!


Because they are culturally Catholic is a likely answer or they are like Cuomo in his views.

How ironic.


That’s not a bad idea.
Unrepentant public sinners: x, y, and z, for the reasons of publicly rejecting the Catholic Faith, and for supporting Infant, and Fetal Murder, are hereby prohibited from receiving communion at this diocese.”

  1. It is not political.
  2. It is medicinal.

The laity denies themselves communion until and unless they are in a state of grace. In the case of politicians, it can be the assertion of earthly power - as they are accustomed to in their occupations.

It seems that, along with so many other forgotten teachings in the last 60 or so years, the examination of conscience is among them.


I understand the trans substantiation ( the priests ability to change wine and bread into the LITERAL body and blood of Christ " " in an unbloody manner’ " COT) though why did Christ die on the cross " once and for all" ? Was it not good enough? We have to do it literally … ( i don’t know how many masses there are in the world daily… I’m guesstimating here… 50,000, 100,000/day ) Why is ONE for ALL who believe in Him not enough? His actual blood and body at this sacrifice was just a “training” and now the Priest must do it over and over and over and over ? . So… the priest has the incredible ability over Christ? So Biden is damned until Church says it’s ok? not Christ but Church? I’m confused… thanks

Start another thread asking for clarification on the doctrine of the real presence. It’s off topic here.


Not to mention that we already have threads including one just in the last few days explaining that we don’t “re-do” the crucifixion at every Mass despite Protestants constantly making the mistake of saying that we do.


thank you . will do

It is very nice that you have these opinions, but the bottom line is that you are responsible for your own moral order and not Cuomo’s.

There have been cries for public denial of Communion to various individuals. That is a matter ultimately up to the bishop to direct their priests on the matter, not you, not I, and not anyone else.

Further complicating the matter is that public individuals do not always go to Mass in the same parish or necessarily even in the same diocese; and further it is entirely possible that the individual has confessed and them presented themselves to Communion, at which there is no reason to deny them.

The matter is prudential and not within our pay grade. It needs to be left to those in charge, and we need to make doubly sure we are not responding to judgementalism, anger, scorn, or a desire to “show them”. God ultimately is eminently capable of dealing with the issue; leaving he matter to God and the bishop id advisable.


And let’s not stop there; let’s get out the stocks; or would tar and feathering be more fitting?

Every time we sin, we dissent from Church teaching. Would you like to have a poster on the parish door noting your name and the sins you have committed?

No, I thought not.

So why publicly state an excommunication; because that is oh so more likely to result in reconciliation with the Church?

Or is it so that we can all, like the Pharisee, tell God how we are not like that public sinner? Oh that’s right… there is a Gospel passage about that…


That includes most politicians because they at a minimum support abortion in cases of what passes for rape and the health of the mother, not exactly in line with the Church’s position. That they call themselves pro-life doesn’t change things.

Most of those politicians aren’t catholic so it’s not an issue, but yes.

Well, I am sure you can find copies of the stocks; it shouldn’t take too much lumber to build one.

The very bottom line of an excommunication is to get the individual excommunicated to reconcile with the Church.

I see nothing in your comments which would accomplish that. And reading the story of the Pharisee might be instructive of how the Church sees the matter, even though that seems at odds with your opinion.

Christ holds us up to the standard; and I cannot find anything in the Gospels which indicates that He holds people in the public eye to a higher standard than he does me. Actually, IMHO the harshest judgement Christ makes is of those who harm little children; and while that can be applied to priests who have abused children, it applies equally to the school teacher, or the neighbor, or the uncle, or the parent who abuses; they are all equally guilty whether they are closer or farther removed from that child. So I disagree that people in the public eye should be singled out by the Church more than you or I.


What we do is just get a good spy on our neighbors. keep tabs on which ones are divorced, cheating, drinking too much, how they vote, what their facebook page promotes, their sexual lives and vices. And then we decide if our neighbor is worthy of saying amen in the reception line. We need a list. At the very least a political one. Especially for any democrat who is not somehow prolife enough for us. We could call it a blacklist. Or something.
or we could mind our own souls and pray for others.

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Governor Cuomo is very anti-life. He publicly celebrated his passing of the recent abortion bill. If the church gives him communion it scandalizes many people as it leads them to believe that the Church approves of abortion (which it doesn’t and never will). Cuomo needs to be denied communion/excommunicated not just for his sake but for the sake of the faithful.


It’s literally CANON LAW and DIVINE MANDATE to deny Holy Communion to public sinners. It’s IN SCRIPTURE.

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