Denying Jesus Christ



Would failing to stick up for Our Savior when someone takes His name in vain count as denying Him? Thanks!

  • Stephie


I recently read something, don’t remember where :frowning: but it gave the suggestion to pray “Blessed be the name of the Lord” or something similar when one hears another take the name of the Lord in vain…I was like, why didn’t i ever think of that before?

But to your question, I think it would depend on the situation and on your relation to the person(s) taking His name in vain…IMHO

You can always pray for the person as it happens, which I’m going to start doing as well:thumbsup:



Yeah, one could do that either silently, or aloud, depending. I like that! I think I’ll start doing that, as well, even aloud.


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