"Denying Sola Scriptura creates cults"

Once they’ve given up trying to support sola scriptura from Scripture itself, I’ve often heard Protestants argue that the foundation of a lot of cults is that they accept another authority above or alongside Scripture, and use that to argue for sola scriptura. How would you respond to this?

It is a specious claim. Sola Scriptura is the foundation of Protestantism. I have seen no citations of any Protestant Denominations that do not hold to Sola Scriptura.

Jehovah Witnesses adhere to Sola Scriptura, finding their heretical doctrines by “reasoning from the Scriptures” as they say. Likewise, varying interpretations can come from Protestants, differing from each other on relevant matters, each understanding Scripture according to their own personal interpretations.

Literally the exact opposite is true. Protestantism has no authoritative referee (such as the Pope) to protect what is and isn’t doctrine, which is why you have thousands of separate denominations. I don’t know what does or doesn’t count as a cult, but some of the more outlandish Christian or Christian-esque groups all derived from the Reformation.

Of course, it is possible for cults to spring from a nominal Catholic or orthodox background as well, but these exist in spite of Catholic teaching, not because of it. There is a singular, official teaching in Catholicism.

The Amish are easy to love, but if we set that aside for a moment, they’re one of the easiest examples to look at for having people decide things on their own. They’re riding around in horses and buggies, not because it’s stylish, or because they’re hardcore secular liberal ecos, but because they believe it’s a sin to drive a car. Solo scriptura is the reason people are riding around the road on a horse.

I would ask them where is that found in the bible? The best argument approaches it head on. If they are going to make the claim that sola scriptua is true, they are going to have to show it from scripture. Otherwise they are adding their own personal tradition to the scriptures. They can’t apply restrictions on everyone other than themselves.

Without sola scriptura cults are created. :rotfl:

The opposite is true. There are 38000 denominations, and each one can’t claim that their church compiled the Bible.

What is gratuitously asserted may be gratuitously denied.

I would argue that the contention is specious.


sola scriptura isn’t in scripture. So one can’t support SS from scripture. SS was invented by Protestants. Because of SS, they are responsible for division on steroids. For 1500 years nobody heard of SS. Then in the last 400+ years post protestant SS revolt, we have 10’s of thousands of competing protestant sects. :rolleyes: And that is condemned by scripture.

it’s why Protestants are part of The Great Heresies of history

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