What kind of sin is it to pretend to deny say a church teaching because say all of your friends to and dont want to stand out.

I know denying is a heresy, if one pretended to deny even though they actually dont deny it, would it still be a heresy?

You could say in its simplest form it is a lie.


Depends on what you are denying. We are called to stay true to our beliefs, no matter the temptation, not doing so (even pretending) is wrong. St. Peter denied Christ 3 Times, he learned from his mistakes, we are called to do the same.

The sin would be more grave dependent on:

  • The importance of the teaching
  • Circumstances which we are denying it
  • What we get out of denying it
  • … and much more

That does not make sense. If you deny a Church teaching to friends then you have actually denied it. It is not pretend. Your friends are not going to wonder if its a pretend denial or an actual one. To them it is an actual denial and in my opinion that is a sin that should be confessed and never repeated.
To deny a teaching is to deny Christ and his Church.

In Judaism., the scripture that is recited three times a day by believing Jews is the Shema from Deut 6:4 and following

Hear O Israel the LORD is God, the LORD alone. You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. Jesus added the phrase, with all your mind (before “with all your strength”).

So, this is Old and New Testament teaching. “With all your soul” is interpreted to mean “even unto death.”

If you were among “friends” your first amendment rights would be preserved to allow you to, in fact, say what you believe.

I would say get new friends.

My strategy: Just not comment anything unless someone directly asks your opinion.
And even then, you can always equivocate. Of course, the best thing is always to stand up for your faith, but if you do not have the strength, sometimes it is better just to go the way of least resistance. To not say anything is still better (though not much) than explicitly agreeing with everyone.

I did not actually do, that i just wanted to know whether it was still a heresy or not.

Well, heresy is the wrong term here. It is potentially a sin and cowardice. Remember
2 Timothy 2:12

Because you would be conforming to the world not the kingdom of God. Those conforming to the world are of satan those who conform to the Kingdom of God are of God. You would be denying God so people of the world do not see you in a bad light. You have to stand up to the Values of God not the world, and we are told we will be hated for it and persecuted for it.
Stand in faith to God and what the Church teaches. Yes people are going to be angry and hate us for it but we have to stand firm in our faith.

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