Deo Gratias

Thanks be to God!

Today I discovered that our pastor decided that during Lent the Sanctus and the Agnus Dei will be chanted in Latin. This is in addition to the vespers, compline and tenebrae services that have already been re-instituted at our parish.

It was great to hear quite a few people in the congregation chanting out loud in Latin.

Please say a prayer for my pastor that he might endure the people that will complain about this “innovation”.

Brick by brick. :thumbsup:

We’ve had “Latin for Lent” for a number of years now. We do the Kyrie in Greek, the Sanctus, the Mysterium Fidei, and the Agnus Dei in Latin.

I was pleasantly shocked to find out that they are doing the same thing in the parish attached to my kids’ school. :thumbsup:

In the kids school? Thats great, your children and their classmates are so fortunate to be introduced to Catholic Tradition at a young age, and at school no less. Personally I only learned about the Tridentine Mass on wikipedia a few years ago… it was not even mentioned at “children’s liturgy” or any of the clesses leading up to Confirmation, Reconcillation or Holy Communion (in fact we never even learned Catechism).

We have the Kyrie, the Deo Gartias after the readings, the Preface Dialogue, Sanctus, Memorial Acclamation, and sometimes the Pater Noster in Latin for Advent and the Christmas season and for Lent and the Easter season. We chant the Angus Dei in Latin every Sunday.

The problem is that our assistant pastor has told the choir not to do the Latin (except the Angus Dei) in his Masses. Unlike our pastor (who is a diocesean priest), the assistant is a Franciscan.

Our pastor has decided that from now a large part of the school Mass will be in Latin. I think that that he will hear complaints from the parents but I thinks he is moving in the right direction.

Talking about directions he still celebrates the liturgy of the Eucharist versum populum but he leads all the other prayers ad orientem. A Pro Vobi said 'brick by brick" :thumbsup:



It’s a parish school and this is the new practice of the parish for Lent. The kids go to Mass weekly. So far the only school Mass was on Ash Wednesday and the Latin was used. They are on Spring Break now so I will have to wait another week to make sure it carries over to the school Masses for the rest of Lent. (keeping fingers crossed)

My own kids have been to an EF Mass when we visited relatives in NJ and a few times here in Texas before it was cancelled. Our Cardinal is not exactly “friendly” toward the EF so I don’t expect we will ever see a school Mass at a parish school in the EF. Well, never say never, but it will be a long time.

OTOH, my older kids go to a Catholic High School that is not attached to a parish. They have had a few EF Masses and have another one planned next month. :thumbsup: As an independant school, they don’t need the Cardinal’s approval to have the EF. :slight_smile:

You know after Summorum Pontificum, any validly ordained priest with the faculties to say Mass can have a Tridentine Mass, with or without their superior’s (such as the cardinal’s) consent. Here is the papal encycle. What happened was, Pope John Paul II gave Bishops permission to let clergy use the Tridentine Mass, however a great many just ignored this. Then His Holiness Benedict XVI, ignored the modernist bishops hostile to the EF and gave Catholic clergy every where permission to use the Tridentine Mass!

Don’t I know it! We rejoiced when SP was promulgated.

However, I also know that the Cardinal shut down the only EF Mass on the west side of the diocese only a few months after SP. I also know that he has refused to consider petitions from various parishes for EF Masses. At least one of those petitions had more than 200 families and they had found their own priest yet they were still denied. I also know that he has publically said that he does not intend to allow any more regularly scheduled EF Masses in the diocese than are currently celebrated. (one Sunday and one Friday) And I also know that so far no pastor has been willing to risk the career suicide that would undoubtedly result if they tried to go over the Cardinal’s head.

So, at least for our diocese, SP is great on paper but doesn’t translate into any more access to an EF Mass than we had before. :mad:

(Sorry to go off-topic, but this is a sore spot for me and many other tradition-loving Catholics :()

Your cardinal has overstepped his boundries, even a Prince of the Church or a Pope does not have the right to deny his flock the Tridentine Mass. Have you considered reporting this and sending a petition to the Holy See?

Also, do you have any SSPX chaples or Eastern Catholic Divine Liturgies in you area?

Is it really necessary to name call? Considering modernism is a heresy, this borders on libel. Not all bishops who disallowed the EF were hostile to it or are “modernist.” Some bishops have a limited amount of priests to cover a large amount of parishes and faithful.

I just realized my obvious error. We do the Kyrie in GREEK, not Latin.

Duh. :eek:

Brain lock.

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