Deodorant for cheap!


i dont know if this is the right forum for posting this… I go for feeding the homeless every month… and last month, while i was distributing some of the lotions that i had with me… they kept asking me if i had deodorants… so plan to take some this time when i go…
i would like to know if you guys know of any place where i can get deodorants in bulk for cheap…



If your looking for food Coscos got things in bulk. I don’t know about deoderant. Did you try save a lot, kroger, hg hills, Cvs.


yes… they seem to have stuff that is expensive… I am looking for things a dollar or less!

thanks for the reply!


If your price point is a dollar, try the dollar store. I’ve bought deoderant there that tries to look like a knock off of Suave. Even Suave is probably right around your price point. I always get my toiletries at Walmart, they have the best prices around where I live.


I think Target has Suave deodorant for like $0.88 or so, per stick. I’m not totally sure (I use Dove, so maybe it’s Sure, not Suave) – But it’s usually on the very bottom shelf.


thanks! :thumbsup:


I know there are a lot of Walmart haters on the forum but they are usually pretty good about helping within the community. You may want to check with the store manager if you have one in your area if they can give you some kind of deal for buying larger quantities.


hi, I buy my hubby’s deodorant at Big Lots, the Dollar Store, or at the Dollar Tree. Sometimes Big Lots will even have his brand once in a while so then I will stock up seeing as it’s like $4 or more at the grocery store.

hope this helps.


thanks for helping me out!

God bless and happy holidays


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