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I hate to mention this but I feel that I should. I have been having a lot of problems with my fiance. All we do is agrue A LOT. It has gotten to the point that I am depressed and I don’t want to live no more. :frowning: He has been out of a job the last 2 1/2 months, he has found a job part time just these past 2 weeks. I know that some of the stress is the bills and everything in the household was on my shoulders. But when he lost his job it got from bad to worst. We rent our apartment and we live in a bad neighborhood he now hangs out with these guys that sell drugs. One of them paid for his minutes on his phone because I didn’t have $. Ever since then he has all of these calls now that he hides from me. He always has his phone on viberate and when on the walkie-talkie he has it very low. He doesnt let me touch his phone, he goes everywhere with the stupid phone even to the bathroom. Before he started this new job he hangs out for hours out front. He excuse is he is smoking a cigarette; I don’t let him smoke in the house because I have asthma. He says I am going to smoke a cig and doesn’t come back until 1-2 hours later. When we first got back together as adults because we were childhood sweethearts and move away, we were always together. No matter what he was my best friend, my everything and now I feel so alone. I have talked to him about this several times and all he does is yell at me and says that I am not his mother. We are suppose to be saving for the wedding which is in 2 yrs and he acts like he doesnt care. Today we were at my mom’s house cooking inside because it rained here; he was getting all of these calls and telling me that he is wasting time at my mom house. I just can’t handle any more pain. I love him so much I don’t want to end it but it seems like I have to. Please someone help with some advice or prayers.
Thanx for listening.

God Bless,



Blessed Mother,

We ask that you would pray to your Son on behalf of Gladys. We ask the you pray for her spiritual, emotional, and physical well being. Help her understand that what she is going through is just temporary. A phase…

We ask your blessed Son to strengthen Gladys so that she can make the right, but difficult decision.concerning her fiancé.

We also ask that you pray for her fiancé. That he will turn away from the sin of selling and/or using drugs.

Thank you holy Mother for hear our request

Amen :signofcross:




Banish those thoughts right now! Death is not the answer. It is just what seems to be an escape from your problems. It is not.

I speak as someone who has battled depression all my life and who has, on many occasions, entertained thoughts of killing myself. I thank Christ every day that I did not!

Mostly, it is just a desire for the pain to end, be it emotional or physical pain. Killing yourself will not end your pain. Although I believe in a merciful God, I also believe that killing yourself is the same as killing someone else. It is still murder and puts your immortal soul at risk. This is a HUGE dis-incentive. You already feel like you are in hell. Don’t make it a reality.

It sounds as if your relationship with your fiance is already over. Staying there will only exacerbate your problems, especially as it seems obvious that he is now dealing drugs. If you stay there, you could end up going to jail.

I would advise you to pack up your stuff and move back in with your mother, until you can get a job and a place of your own. Stand up for yourself and tell your boyfriend that the wedding is off. From all that you say about how he is treating you now, marrying him would be a very bad idea. If he truly loves you, it may the the shock that brings him to his senses. If he doesn’t, then it is best that it end now, before it causes further pain.

You are a person of worth. You are a person who is loved. Even if it seems that the whole world hates you, you have the love of God, Who is greater than anyone on earth. God created you with great love. He didn’t make something worthless nor did he make a mistake in creating you. He has a purpose for your life. Trust in Him.

Eternal Father,
I pray that you deliver Gladys from suicidal thoughts and from every evil that besets her life at this time. May you comfort her in the sure knowledge of Your Love.

Through Christ Our Lord,
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us
St. Michael, pray for us


Dear Gladys,

I’ll be praying for you but, please, follow Linda Marie’s advice. Staying with this guy will only harm you.


Praying for you Gladys. :signofcross:


Praying for you also Gladys. You may want to contact a local 12 step group such as Al-Anon (check any phone book). They offer wonderful support to family and friends of addicts/alcoholics. Denial is what addicts do best. Making you feel crazy is also part of their disease.

God Bless you! I will keep you in my prayers.



Gladys…:console:…I feel SO much for you right now. As you well know (since you have posted prayers several times for my husband and I) I suffer from bad depression. But, Gladys, my husband is not the source of my depression. My husband tries his hardest to HEAL my depression, not add to. In your case, I believe your fiance might be a great source of your depression. You are right that, as hard as it is, it is time to move on. God would not want you stuck with this man for the rest of your life. :nope: You deserve better. This man does not sound like he would make a good husband and future father. Maybe one day, after many many years, but you need not wait up for him.

Please follow your heart and leave this dangerous situation. Your fiance is on the road to paying some serious fines and/or jail time if he does not get out of this situation. Please don’t let yourself be involved in this. :nope:

Blessings, prayers and hugs for you! :hug1: Please PM me anytime, ANYTIME you need someone to talk to. About the depression, this situation, your boyfriend, anything. I am here for you! :slight_smile:

God bless you and keep you! :slight_smile:


You need to get out of this situation. I’m praying for the both of you.


I aggree with Linda Marie. Let him live the life he chooses. If it is meant to be, God will bring him back. I will pray especially hard for you. May Mother Mary guide you and give you strength


:knight2: :gopray2: I’m praying for you Gladys. :signofcross: :knight1:


I will pray for you.


Praying for you.


LINDA! When desperation comes, God is calling you to depend on him! Don’t even try to bear a burden like that on your own! Now, I am a social worker, so I have seen some stuff, and honey, this man is toxic! I’m sorry it hurts, I know. Ask yourself this…Is this the life Jesus wants for me? Jesus wants more for you that that, so much more. Your fiance, needs prayer, many many prayers. Maybe he’ll get a wake-up call, hopefully, and make his life right, but I’m just telling you what I know…A sinkin ship is gonna pull you under. A man with a REAL love, that can ONLY come from god, will not put you in harms way, it will be uplifting, and solid, and will be a giving love that you can rest and be safe in. I will pray for you and your beau, so that you may be lead to God’s will in your life, so that you WILL get your joy back!!

In Christ - kedera



Many many people suffer depression - sometimes it feels like you won’t pull through, but giving it to God in prayer sure helps.


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