Depressed...any prayers I could say?


I’ve been depressed for quite a while now, I could wake up and feel on top of the world and then one little thing ( such as a hurtful word from someone) could just bring me down… This is a stumbling block to me when it comes to my relationship with Christ and the Church but I figured the best way to combat this was to offer up my hardships to the Lord in prayer…my question is are there any specific prayers or scripture passages that could help when I’m feeling down?

Your brother in Christ


Zachary, I’m so sorry for your troubles. Please look into getting medical treatment for your depression. If it has gone on for more than a few weeks, it’s worth a trip to the doctor.

As for prayers, open up the book of Psalms. There are prayers there that mirror every human emotion and situation. You’ll find just the right words if you look.

And sometimes, it just pays to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness, in spite of your problems. Try Psalm 138 - “I thank you, Lord, with all my heart…” I pray this often, and many times through tears.

God bless you.


#3 An excellent site…St Dymphna is the patron saint of those with depression and emotional problems.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Dear Zachary

Below is one cause for depression…well, that I battled enough with to write the below. It mightn’t be appropriate, depending on what ails you.

Confidence in God’s merciful love

God, You command that I forgive and rightly cherish myself. Like many people in human history, I often find it difficult to sincerely and consistently love the ‘self’ that I find mirrored in my consciousness. I know that You can bring me to appreciate the miracle and privilege of my existence!

How can I refuse to love what God loves! You treasure me, as You love and treasure each unique, human person that You create. Yet I need much grace to love this betrayer of my true being and purpose, myself! I betray Your loving creation of me by failing to be fully ‘the person I am created to be’.

You love each person so much that it led to the incarnation of Your divine Son, and to His redemption of humankind. Jesus is Your response to my betrayal of my destiny and me. Yet frequently I am unconvinced or indifferent before these astounding gifts of divine love for me and for every person!

Please give me grace to value each person as Your beloved and eternal gift. Inspire me with faith and gratitude for the gift of myself, for the lives of dear ones and of all people. Grant that these human gifts are shaped by Your love to become everlasting gifts to You, and through You, eternal gifts to each other person.

Through Jesus, You taught us that cheerful, loving mutual service of others leads to fulfilment of Your creative will. Therefore, give me grace to faithfully say ‘yes’ to Your loving purpose by active respect and charity to others and me.

Delight Yourself in me by forming me into the unselfish, joyful, helpful and prayerful person You dreamed me to be for You and others’ souls for time and eternity. 1999


You asked prayers an scripture texts:

Console yourself with the Lord’s promise to repay ‘twice over with blessing’ for all we have suffered.” [Zechariah 9:12]

“Yes, the troubles which are soon over…train us for a weight of eternal glory which is out of all proportion to them.” [1Corinthians 4:17]

Therefore, “be patient…until the Lord’s coming. Think of a farmer, how patiently he waits for the precious fruit of the ground until it has the autumn rains and the spring rains. [James 5:7]

“My brothers, you will always have your trials but, when they come, try to treat them as a happy privilege; you understand that your faith is only put to the test to make you patient, but patience too is to have its practical results so that you will become fully developed, complete, with nothing missing.” [James 1:2-4]

“I think that what we suffer in this life can never be compared to the glory, as yet unrevealed, which is waiting for us.” [Romans 8:18]

“Happy the person who stands firm when trials come. He has proved himself, and will win the prize of life, the crown that the Lord has promised to those who love Him.” [James 1:12]

“Through your faith, God’s power will guard you until the salvation which has been prepared is revealed…to bear being plagued by all sorts of trials; so that, when Jesus Christ is revealed, your faith will have been tested and proved like gold.” [1Peter 1:5-7]

“Be calm, but vigilant, because your enemy the devil is prowling round like a roaring lion…Stand up to him, strong in faith and in the knowledge that your brothers all over the world are suffering the same things. You will only have to suffer only for a little while: the God of all grace who called you to eternal glory in Christ will see that all is well again: He will confirm, strengthen and support you. His power lasts for ever and ever. Amen.” [1Peter 5: 8-11]


Our God, we humans feel need for practical alleviation in times of grief, difficulty and anxiety.

When I am embroiled in grief, clasp me to Your heart.
When I am sad or unwell, when troubles beset my family or friends, when I make mistakes, and when the pain or sin of the world assails me, please lift my spirit with God’s love, and with the kindness of those whom God sends.

If in my sorrow I doubt Your mercy, please accept my heartache and tears as prayer for others. Forgive me if I feel anger or dismay, in my frustrated yearning for real help for loved ones in their genuine needs, difficulty and pain!

Please allow no one to suffer for my doubt, but give me faith to become a better vehicle of intercession and blessing for others. Give me remembrance always that I need not plead desperately for Your mercy but will open my heart to the flood of mercy that awaits my welcome. October 1999

Saint Padre Pio wrote, “Pray, hope and do not worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayer.” Jesus told Saint Gertrude, “Confidence [trust] alone easily obtains all things. “It gives me great pleasure when persons hope great things from Me, and I will grant them more than they expect.”


No, actually probably the best prayer you can say is “Jesus, I trust in You.” And tell Him how you feel and ask His help


At times of depression, prayer can be very difficult. Don’t unduly worry your soul, a Morning Offering said from the heart with attention to the words, and then short acts when and if you think of it during the day:

Jesus I trust You
Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, please pray for me

Morning Offering

O Jesus through the Most Pure Heart of Mary, I offer You all my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day for all the intentions of Your Divine Heart.

There are variations on the above Morning Offering.

St. Gregory Nazianzus wrote these words during a time when he found anxiety and depression crowding out any space for prayer in his soul:

The breath of life, O Lord, seems spent. My body is tense, my mind filled with anxiety, yet I have no zest, no energy. I am helpless to allay my fears. I am incapable of relaxing my limbs. Dark thoughts constantly invade my head …Lord, raise up my soul, revive my body.

St. Teresa of Avila recommended to her nuns that if their mind was totally distracted, to spend personal prayer time doing some good work, rather than to worry their souls unduly and trying to pray. There is an underlying dynamic in that advice - in that when one is depressed it can be equally impossible to concentrate the mind. Hence do some good work or even some duty around the place, something that the mind can concentrate upon - done for the love of God is equally prayer.

Get through the day as best you can and as it seems best to you however you may be able, and offer it all to God…this is praying. Unite your day to the Sufferings of Jesus and in this way your day becomes redemptive also! Although in the Morning Offering we unite our sufferings to Jesus.
Some days, The Morning Offering, and then getting through my day as best I can is my prayer for that day. I suffer Bipolar and it can be troublesome at times. Once things are back to normal, I simply pick up again my normal prayer times. God is our loving Father and not the hard taskmaster…relate to Him as your loving Father.


I will pray for you, Zachary. Here are a couple of prayers which I hope will be of help to you:


Lord Jesus Christ,
I’m upset and disturbed,
and I pray that You will grant me
the grace of inner Peace.
As You commanded the storm winds at sea to be calm,
command the storms in my life to be calmed.
Give me the patience I need
to cope with the burdens and anxieties of my life.
Grant me the strength to better deal with my problems,
and the understanding to be more tolerant
and kind to others.
Teach me to seek after Your will
which alone brings peace of mind
and peace of heart.


Prayer against Depression - by Saint Ignatius of Loyola

O Christ Jesus,
when all is darkness
and we feel our weakness and helplessness,
give us the sense of Your presence,
Your love, and Your strength.
Help us to have perfect trust
in Your protecting love
and strengthening power,
so that nothing may frighten or worry us,
for, living close to You,
we shall see Your hand,
Your purpose, Your will through all things.

By Saint Ignatius of Loyola



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