Depressed - Outside help anyone?

Hi, i don’t know if this is the most accurate place to put a prayer request, but i couldn’t find another one.

I am quite depressed and could do with a bit of outside help.

Hi -

I will pray for you. You didn’t share the details of your depression, but I have been through bouts of depression, days-long and months-long. Looking back now, I see the Lord allowed it so I would turn to Him. He drew me in (and continues to draw me in) and has used it for my purification. May God bless you, too, in your time of trial.

IF you feel depressed for an extended period of time (say for more than a few hours, and are frequently like this), you may need professional help and soon. It is a very serious illness and absolutely needs to be treated as such.

Please feel free to talk about it and we will help if at all possible. Talking about your problems can be very therapeutic. Prayer helps also, but a human voice can help you see things in a more reasonable light.

IF your depression causes you loss of sleep, huge changes in moods or suicidal, that is indications of very serious problems, and you really need to seek professional help. You are in our prayers, but it will help you more if you tells us or someone what it is that troubles you.

thank you for your kindness.

I’m crashing ever downwards in college and health ain’t so good, my friends are fading out and i’m just feeling kind of lost right now.

I know your pain my friend. I too am battling depression but it has definately brought me closer to Jesus.

Presumably your college has a counsellor, or you have a trusted teacher you could approach? Do so as soon as possible. Believe me, I know from experience, depression needs to be nipped in the bud.

It’s been a real looong time since college, but the parts I remember most is searching for companionship. I had some friends in school so there was some social life. It definitely sounds like you need someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of. Have you considered joining a youth group or your schools St. John Neumann group ? Most parishes/colleges have them.

When I was in school, the thing I was really looking forward to was to get out and go to work… then it was some time (several months) before I found a job. It’s both an exciting and scary time in life. I did meet my future wife to be between junior and senior year (she would be upset because I really don’t remember when exactly).

You may want to turn to prayer and receive the sacraments as often as you can. For me, I was in a period of being a lapsed Catholic. My faith was pretty lax back then. It took a rude awakening for me to come back to the faith. No matter how bad things get remember to keep praying and always be aware that no matter what you do, God loves you and will always forgive you.

Nothing you can ever do will ever surprise Him (or the priests for that matter). They have heard it all. The best advice I can give for any young person, is to set some goals and work towards achieving them. They should be realistic and acheiveable and try to be as specific as possible. Studies show that folks who identify goals early on (only about 4% of young people do this) are much more successful in the long run. (actiually they are more successful than the entire other 96% combined)

Once you set some goals, then you can start to make some plans to move towards completing them. Make sure you write them down and review them every once in a while to make sure you are still focused.


**After much thought, the moderation and administrative staff have decided not to allow solicitation on the forums of people with specific health concerns. While well-intentioned, it does create potentially serious problems.

It is not possible for reliable support to be given in an open forum community. Any advice could, potentially, be dangerous. People experiencing specific health problems should seek a referral to a certified health professional.

Also, CAF simply does not have sufficient moderation and administrative resources at this time to closely monitor all such threads.

However, it is certainly legitimate to also seek spiritual help for dealing with health problems. Those in need of prayers and the like are encouraged to post in the Spirituality forum. Nevertheless, if such threads drift into medical advice, we will be forced to close them down.

I join everyone here in offering prayers for ISTPQ’s health and spirit and thank all of you who have prayed and given advice in conformity with the forum guidlines.

We have a Prayer Intentions sub-forum which might interest you. Your depression has been added to the prayer request thread, which you can see here.

If it lasts more than 2 weeks seek professional help.

Depression can be related to past unresolved issues , feelings of being unwanted, no friends, no place in life.
If you think of what is on your mind at the time of feeling depressed, then ask your self if you can forgive yourself for feeling this way (this is not a blame) but it helps to target the situation and take control of it, by forgiving, then giving it up to Jesus and nailing it to the creoo of Jesus.

Next take it all back as only part of your past with no strength on you and ask the Holy Spirit to come in and take the place of the depression that was there. Then thank God for His son who died for our freiltys.

About 5 years ago I was VERY depressed and needed a LOT of outside help. The moderators would be unhappy if I gave the details (TMI:rolleyes: ), but in the end I went to the Post Office EAP Counciler, who diagnosed me correctly with depression.:crying:

That was the breakthrough, learning that it was OK to ask for help.:thumbsup:

My physician agreed and put me on an antidepressant. I am still on it, and may have to be on it for the rest of my life due to a flaw in my brain chemistry.:frowning:

My physician also referred me to a therapist she knew. The therapist was a huge help in getting my life back together. She may or may not have planted the seeds leading to my current RCIA activity. :o

you could also look into a local (if there is one near you) Catholic hospital. Call the main number and ask for the counseling center.

i will keep you in my prayers tonight.

ISTPQ, are you feeling any better?

You’re on my prayer list! I had bad bout of depression in college, took me about 18 months to get out of it without help…I thought I was just “having a hard time” and doing badly in some classes. I didn’t learn what it had been until several years later when it happened again. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help, here or elsewhere.


Daily mass and receiving the Eucharist daily (or as often as possible) and confession are my non-medical, non-professional suggestion. Bishop Sheen often said that there would be no need for psychiatrists if people went to confession. (That paraphrased quote was meant to make you smile, not to accuse you of sin. :slight_smile: )

I´ll pray a Rosary for you today ISTPQ

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