Please keep me in your prayers. I have been feeling depressed lately and have been having emotional pain and over burdened. thank you

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, please bring TrueFaithSeeker out of the pit of depression so that he/she may feel joy and refreshment. Bring to him/her, through Your infinite Love and Mercy, the strength needed to fight the depression and to see the joys and greatness around him/her. †

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

May God bless you, and may He fill you with peace and strength to fight your challenges.

St. Dymphna, please pray for TruthFaithSeeker.

Mother Mary, I recommend TrueFaithSeeker to you. Through your maternal mediation relieve his/her pain and assist him/her to have better days in the future. Obtain from your Son a remedy for TrueFaithSeeker’s depression and wrap your mantle of love and purity around him/her. Amen.

St Dymphna, please interceded for TrueFaithSeeker. Help her find peace and freedom from her depression.

I will pray for you in my Wednesday rosary. TeresaDiane:harp:

I know how much depression can hurt, emotionally & physically. Praying extra hard for you to overcome this burden.

Hail Holy Queen, I ask your intercession and prayers for TrueFaithSeeker - please ask your most Glorious Son for healing and hope for our friend - In God’s name - Amen!

Praying for you, TrueFaithSeeker.

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