Depression and God?


How does God view the depressed? If a person has suffered from Post Traumatic Stress and is diagnosed with Major Depression and is seeking psycho therapy and taking anti-depressives, usually that person has a major problem with his perception of the world. With this in mind, what is the depressed person to do when his beliefs are askew? Can what this person confesses to a priest be considered valid?


Speaking as someone who suffers from both, I can assure you that even if you hit bottom, the bottom is solid.

Be assured (even if you don’t feel like it) that God is with you all the way, even at the bottom.


God knows your heart and your intentions in your depression and confusion. Let go of your doubts re: validity. Trust.


With total compassion, complete understanding, and unconditional love.:heaven:


I believe God looks at people individually… He also judges them individually, He understands that some people have circumstances in their lives that make it harder for them

He is definitely very compassionate to anyone who is depressed or suffering in any way.

God bless


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