Depression, Anxiety, Masturbation, Alcoholism, and Sin?


Hi folks, I want your input on something:

My girlfriend dumped 2 months ago for another guy (not to be a jerk, but he is no good). Since then I’ve fondled/ made out with 2 girls. Since those encounters, I’ve went to confession (a week ago actually).

Last Friday I was feeling really depressed (crying, hating life, the whole bit). The girl who I so dearly loved left me…and for no good reason. I learned she had a shady past, but I still miss her (and I still care about her).

That same day was the first day I was free from mortal sin (the day before I went to confession). But as a result of my depression and anxiety about my situation, I daydreamed about having a booze fest at my house and doing more than just kissing with random girls (I’m 20 and single of course). Later that nite I had “impure actions” with myself and then I felt dirty. And all the thoughts of getting drunk (never have been though) and doing more than kissing with the opposite sex left me.

Like I said, after it was all done, I felt remorse. Due to my anxiety/ depression problems, would I have mortal sin on my soul? I have clinical anxiety/ panic attack, but my depression is not clinical though—but im afraid i may be clinically depressed too though.


Why risk it? Go to confession and clear your conscience. Just make sure you have a firm commitment to sin no more, and to really avoid whatever leads you to sin. Being a young male, I can attest to the struggles with chastity (even in a happily married house).

I would suggest that you attempt to spend more time in prayer. Maybe go to adoration at least once a week. And go to confession regularly.


Start saying the rosary everyday for strength.

You need it. . You have to get yourself straightened out . All I can say is start praying as much as possible and read the Bible everyday…


This isn’t an apologetics topic is it? This is more for the “Help me, I’m 20 years old” forum. :smiley:

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yeah it should be moved, for sure. it’s a little more than candid and PG-13 too! :rolleyes:


Ok, where did my post go? To sumerize: get help for the depression, go to confession, pray, and know that some of us can relate if you need to talk.

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