Depression Cooking with Clara--a must see


I just found the cutest 94 yr old lady on youtube and she hosts a cooking show that you really must see. First of all she is as cute as can be and very sweet. She will teach you to make meals from the depression. I was amazed to realize that I can remember eating some of these meals when I was a kid. They were so very good and her videos are very entertaining but too darned short. She is adorable.
I hope you enjoy.


When I read the title I thought this was going to be something with an Eeyore like character saying things like "They say you should always cook enough for one extra person in case you have unexpected company... I have a lot of leftovers."

I'm glad it was more cheerful and practical than that.

Great Depression Cooking with Clara might have been a better title though.


Ah yes, where's the link but?



That is exactly what I was thinking!!! Too funny. “Cooking with Eeyore” sounds like a great book title.

I have an aunt who is really good at figuring portions. Everyone always got enough to eat but there weren’t any leftovers as her family did not like leftovers. She was such a good cook. She’s 96 now.

Here’s the link to her channel


And Hooray! She's Catholic!



Hey, what a great thing! God bless her and her show!


She is addicting! I just spent 30 min on youtube watching her. What a sweetheart. I love to listen to her reminiscing.


Isn’t she the cutest and I loved her little stories about the depression and how even though they were poor they always had enough to eat and that they were happy. I just love her.


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