can depression cause you to loose that connection with god?
whatabout mental problems/thinking?

One thing is sadness. The other is depression. I have heard the analogy that if sadness is the mental equivalent of a cold, and depression would be the equivalent of cancer.

With depression, it’s good to see what’s causing it. To give you an idea, some people have problems with, say, a thryoid. Many are experiencing depression as a result of insufficiency of thyroid hormone. Only a doctor would be able to help give medication with that. Women, especially, experience depression typically after having a baby and during menopause.

There are a lot of causes of depression, circumstantial to physical. Depression seems to be in epidemic proportions, now. It can seem like everyone’s on medication! We’re in stressful times. However, equally, I would be the first to admit the advantages to these medications. I just think we are living in such terribly hard times where what is normal has become abnormal. What’s abnormal has become normal. I feel especially concerned for any parent, now. I don’t know how people cope, especially parents of faith.

I generally encourage people with depression to talk to a professional about it and not try to handle it themselves.

Did you also realize something as simple as insomnia can provoke depression? Also, depression can invoke insomnia! It’s important for anyone with depression to get enough sleep (but not too much, either).

Can depression affect our connection to God? Probably, especially if it’s severe. It often pushes a person to despair, to give up, lose all hope and faith and worse.

Absolutely, depression can make it difficult to think straight and make good decisions, take actions he wouldn’t normally otherwise do.

I have fought depression all my life even though it wasn’t formally diagnosed until I was in my 30s. I can tell you first hand that depression does affect your relationship with God.

My relationship with Him is one of love/hate at best. You begin feeling more and more distant and it just spirals downward to a point of no return.

It is no fun to feel abandoned and that all the prayer in the world won’t make any difference. :frowning:

yea im going to a therapist tomorow, i feel like the lost sheep yea it sucks but i gotta keep my head up

Modern Catholic Dictionary:

DEPRESSION. A term used by spiritual writers to describe a state of despondency during which a person feels inadequate, tends to withdraw from others, lacks response to normal stimulation, and is pessimistic about the future. Theologians of asceticism warn about giving in to moods of depression, which they describe as the characteristic of temptation of those who strive after sanctity.

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